When the CPH Half takes place in the streets of Copenhagen on Sunday September 16th at 11:00 AM CET, there will not only be loads of highlights for the 22,000 runners. Spectators are in for a fun and entertaining event, topped with a formidable elite race.


Here is your guide to how you can get the most out of your CPH Half.



Explore the course



With the interactive course map you can explore the course, find the power zone you would like to cheer at, read about the entertainment along the course, locate where you can go by car, and much more.



Explore the interactive course map


Follow the race live

You have a number of opportunities to watch the CPH Half live. Transmission start sat 11:00 AM CET.


Watch CPH Half live on DR1 (Danish national television)


Follow the race live in the CPH Half app


Watch live results and live stream on cphhalf.com


The pace is set for world record



CPH Half could become the race of the decades. The pace for the leading women and men is set to target the world record.


See all elite profiles and favorites





Cheer for the runners and enjoy the entertainment at one of the ten power zones, which make an energetic atmosphere along the course.


The power zones has each a theme, but they all have in common that there is an amazing atmosphere for both runners and cheering spectators.


A selection of the running parties…



Cheering squats, DJ, pop corn, and much more


Zalando’s Power Zone is located on the very last kilometre of the race. Here you will meet an amazing atmosphere when cheering squats, a cool DJ, and speakers give you the last energy to reach the finish line. For the cheering spectators there will be free coffee, pop corn, and balloons for the children.


If you don’t run, you cheer


The first and most iconic power zone on the course is the NBRO Power Zone at Dronning Louise’s Bridge. The local running crew will make a huge running party and loud cheering that you won’t forget.



Lots of cheerleaders and cheer


Experience beautiful Kari Traa cheerleaders, a nice atmosphere, free coffee for the spectators, and a DJ playing cool beats for both runners and spectators at Garmin Power Zone



A tribute to beer and running

At Mikkeller's Power Zone you can experience the band Diretone play, get tastings of Mikkeller's delicious beer, cheer with cheerleaders and Pikachu the mascot, and be a part of an amazing party for both runners and spectators.



Friends & family zone


Along Telia Parken at Øster Allé, where the race starts and ends, you will find the Friends & family zone. Here there will be entertainment and action all day for both grown ups and children, while you cheer for the tough runners.


» You can follow the race live on big screen


» From the tribune you can watch the runners cross the start line and the finish line


» If you are feeling hungry, you can explore the food market, where you can have verything from cinnamon buns to salads from Meyers to burgers and other exotic culinary experiences


» For the small ones there are a bouncy castle, lots of balloons, and balloon animals to bring home






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