The Copenhagen Half Marathon is your chance to experience an IAAF Gold Label half marathon in beautiful Copenhagen. The course is among the fastest in the world and the place to race, if you want to beat your fastest in the heels of the world’s best runners.

The CPH Half is a massive street party unfoldning throughout the entire city with power zones featured by major Copenhagen music and culture events. From race week launch until you are able to lift your arms over your head at the finish line, we promise that you will feel as part of a world-class event.


pierremangez-5_29139234713_o The extremely fast course is one of the fastest in the world and ideal for chasing personal bests. It attracts some of the world’s best pro athletes, and both the ’15 og ’16 winner times ended up second fastest in the world that year.
The course leads you past some major highlights in the Danish capital and through many different city areas: Hipster Vesterbro, ethnic Nørrebro, beautiful Frederiksberg, and Inner City with its historic monuments and modern architechture. pierremangez-12_29136676884_o
cphhalf_db091816_8_29726726996_o The course is packed with entertainment. You get to run through insane power zones and cheering spots, and before you know it, you’ve completed 21,0975 kilometres!
CPH Half offers an excellent pacer service. No less than 13 pace teams will be at your service, pacing you towards the finish time of your dreams with dedication, precision and enthusiasm. cph_half_low-res-037_29764445965_o
29769881315_c84efd729d_o The entire event is covered live on the ground and from the air and broadcasted internationally via online television, streaming and big screens. With the official CPH Half App your family and friends are able to follow and track you live from start to finish.
The atmosphere is intense from kilometer 1 to 21. One of the major highlights is legendary Dr. Louises Bro, also known as the Copenhagen counterpart to Alpe d’Huez, where international running crews will put up a cheering performance beyond what you’ve ever seen before. 29657679752_7b7b7995e6_o1
29814424586_d31c7a1c3d_o If you set your mind to it, you can do it! With a foreseeable amount of training, almost anyone can get in shape to run 21,0975 km. With a Nike+ Run Club training plan, available on our website, its easy to get started.