As the first road race in Scandinavia and one of the fastest half marathons in the world, the Copenhagen Half Marathon has been awarded with the International Association of Athletics Federation’s (IAAF) most distinguished recognition – the IAAF Road Race Gold Label.

After only two race editions, the Copenhagen Half Marathon has received the prestigious IAAF Gold Label, thus claiming a place among the very best races in the world.

“A race you want to be part of”, this is the short and precise description of one of the leading road race experts, David Katz of the IAAF. With almost 40 years of experience as technical delegate at major race events such as the New York and Boston Marathons, Katz has supervised the Copenhagen Half Marathon and thus been through all the details and elements that have contributed to the CPH Half qualifying for this sublime league of road races.


IAAF: “Well-deserved Gold”

The gold is fully deserved. The Copenhagen Half Marathon is on par with the most prestigious races in the world, such as London, Berlin and New York. The CPH Half organizers have succeeded in creating an event, which the runners are proud to take part in and talk about before, during and after the race,” says David Katz.

Gold was always the goal

From the very beginning, achieving the Gold Label was the ambitious yet realistic goal. Having achieved it in the span of just three years tells a lot about the energy in the Danish running scene, so Jakob Larsen, CEO of the Danish Athletics Federation, who along with Sparta Athletics and Running is organizing the CPH Half:

VWe are in many ways a small country and a small market but this recognition underlines the fact that when it comes to running, Denmark can be considered a super power, says Jakob Larsen.

Director of Sparta, Dorte Vibjerg, states:

We are very proud of having achieved the Gold Label over the course of just three years. It is a huge acknowledgment and bears witness to the fact that we have succeeded in creating a unique event within the Danish market. An event that proofs Copenhagen’s place among the world elite of running cities.

One of the official race event partners, Sport Event Denmark, hopes to see the Gold Label contributing to an even bigger running festival:

The CPH Half is now a part of a small exclusive group of half marathon races, that have been awarded with the IAAF’s most distinguished recognition – the Gold Label. Achieving the Gold Label has been a work in progress since 2014 when Denmark hosted the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships. We are, naturally, hoping that this recognition will attract more domestic and international participants, who will contribute to creating a running festival in the heart of Copenhagen, says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.


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Below: Complete table of IAAF Gold Label half marathons
12-Mar-17 RomaOstia Half Marathon Roma ITALY
19-Mar-17 EDP Half Marathon of Lisbon Lisbon PORTUGAL
01-Apr-17 Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon Prague CZECH REPUBLIC
23-Apr-17 Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon Gifu JAPAN
23-Apr-17 Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon Yangzhou PR OF CHINA
30-Apr-17 Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon Istanbul TURKEY
20-May-17 Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon Karlovy Vary CZECH REPUBLIC
03-Jun-17 Mattoni Ceske Budejovice Half Marathon Ceské Budejovice CZECH REPUBLIC
24-Jun-17 Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon Olomouc CZECH REPUBLIC
30-Jul-17 Media Maraton de Bogota Bogota COLOMBIA
16-Sep-17 Mattoni Ústí nad Labem Half Marathon Ústí nad Labem CZECH REPUBLIC
17-Sep-17 Copenhagen Half Marathon Copenhagen DENMARK
15-Oct-17 Rock ‘n’ Roll Lisbon Half Marathon Santander Totta RTP Lisbon PORTUGAL
22-Oct-17 Medio Maraton Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Valencia SPAIN