Team up with the Nike+ Run Club app for fun and motivating CPH Half training during summer – no matter where in world you are.

If you want to be fit and ready for the Copenhagen Half Marathon on Sunday, September 17th, you should keep up your training during summer or, if you haven’t already started, get out there and do your first runs. 

Nike+ Run Club makes it both easy and fun to get in shape for the half marathon distance.

When you download the Nike+ Run Club app you have in fact an entire training universe right there on the go – no matter where in the world you’ll be staying during summer vacation. 

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Free CPH Half group training in Copenhagen starts August 6th

The Nike+ Run Club app offers free training plans, suggestions for popular running routes all over the world, and loads of inspiration. And if you bring your app on your runs, you can log your runs to get insights on your progress and have your coaching adjusted to you as you go.

You also have the opportunity to connect to a world-wide training community, which will help you stay motivated to reach and your goal.


Get going!

Get the NRC+ app here
or visit the NRC+ website


Did you know …

… that 50% of the CPH Half participants used less than 3 months to prepare for the race? And yet as many as 89% achieved their goal?


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Get your Nike Zooms on a 30 day free trial.