On Sunday, September 17th, Lise Melby will be having her half marathon debute. She has been training since April, and she is excited. Is she doing it right? And will she achieve her goal?

Lise moved to Copenhagen six months ago. This summer she will turn 21 – and run 21 kilometres for the first time.

Lise is in her second sabbatical year after high school, and if everything goes as planned, she will go to University to study Psychology after summer. She has the grades to get in, and it’s what she wants. She is determined – also when it comes to running. Especially now, when she has set a goal for herself.


Something was missing

I have been wanting to run a half marathon for the last three years, really. I just didn’t make a decision about it. But now was just the time. I guess that’s the kind of person I am. I like to set a goal for myself and work as hard as I can to achieve it, Lise describes herself.

As a child, back in the town, where she grew up, Lise did all kinds of sports – competitive swimming, handball and soccer. Later she went on to do fitness and weight training, but something was missing.

When I did team sports, I constantly had those measurable successes and rewards. Since I started doing fitness, I have missed those tangible successes. You don’t really feel proud of having been able to lift just a little more weight, Lise explains.


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A tangible reward

What is it running can offer you, that fitness can’t?

It’s that visible, tangible feeling of reaching your goal. Crossing the finish line. Getting your medal. It’s the long hard work. The fact that I have plenty of time to do this, train for it, prepare for it, and THEN reach my goal. It gives me a sense of reward to have worked hard and put my best into it during a longer period of time.

And now Lise is excited whether she will make it below the 1:45, which is her goal. Is she on the right track?


Runs faster than app recommendations

There are things, I need to get better at. My long runs need to be long – and slow! I need to stop  focusing so much on time and pace. I run significantly faster than the pace that my app recommends, admits Lise, who always carry her Nike+ Run Club app with her on her runs.

Back when she had just started using the Nike+ Run Club app, her long runs were only 4 kilometres and recovery runs 1,5 km. But that was too little and too slow, felt Lise.

I’m just that kind of person, that when I have changed into my running outfit, I just think that 1,5 kilometres are just … well … It took me like 7 minutes, and that was it. So I just ran it as fast as I could instead, tells Lise, who does however think that the app has helped her to a slow start instead of going all in.

Overall, I’m really happy about the Nike app. It schedules my training and gives me inspiration for what to train. And I’ve stayed free of injuries, probably due to a good balance in training and rest days. You build up slowly, Lise explains.


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I listen, but I’m stubborn

Now that Lise has come this far in her training, pace has increased. But Lise worries about her endurance.

I ONLY run fast!Yesterday, I ran 11 km in pace 4:40. The challenge for me will be to keep my pace for a longer time. I’m not very good at planing a run, and I always set out faster than I finish.

Lise’s brother, who practises military pentathlon and triathlon, has told her about how he only began to succeed in running fast when he started to train slow. So Lise is aware that it might be a good idea for her to lower her pace.

I do listen to him, but I’m really stubborn. I want to be able to run faster and to feel that I’m improving. It’s probably my way of thinking that I need to be working on a little bit.




It’s just the biggest in Denmark!

Despite of a few concerns, everything is going really well. Lise is excited.

– What are you looking forward to the most?

What I’m looking forward to the most, is the whole atmosphere, really. That’s what I’ve heard from others, who have done the race. Everybody is happy, and I’ll be running it together with someone I know. And then, of course, I’m excited to see if I will achieve my finish time goal. If I will make it.

– Why did you choose the CPH Half?

First of all, I recently moved to Copenhagen. And then it’s just simply the biggest in Denmark! I mean, I actually don’t know that for a fact, but that’s my clear impression, she answers with a smile.

There are so many people, who will be participating in the race. Three years ago, I just wanted to run any half marathon. But now I’m really glad that it’s gonna be the CPH Half.


About Lise’s training

Training plan: Nike+ Run Club

Number of training per week: 3

Pace: Not slower than 5 min/km

Running device / gadget: Nike+ Run Club app. No puls watch.

Tests: Nike+ Run Club 3 minutes benchmark tests

CPH Half finish time goal: Sub 1:45

Previous half marathons: None

Strengths: Determined, disciplined, good at all out

Weaknesses: Trains too fast, always focusing on time and pace


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