Lise hasn’t skipped a single training since she started preparing for her first half marathon back in April. Now she can feel that the training has had an impact on her.

The first time we met with Lise was in July, where she had been training for her first half marathon – the CPH Half – since April. Without skipping a single training during those four months.

I’m just training at full throttle!, Lise tells with a smile on her face, as we met in August, about three weeks ahead of race day. Now, however, there are challenges ahead.

I’m really started to get excited, because I’ve followed my plan to the letter. But I always knew that this hurdle would come up.


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A hurdle along the road

The hurdle came up after Lise was accepted into university and has to go on a freshers’ week, followed by a week’s vacation in Canada. It is going to be two weeks where running won’t be the first priority.

Being a very disciplined runner, Lise is a bit worried about this.

Running will not be my top priority while I’m gone. But I am not gonna miss out on other experiences. I want to run whenever it’s possible, but there are other things that are more important to me, she says. Hiking and swimming in lakes are some of the things which are already planned during her vacation in Canada.

However, Lise is convinced that her physical condition will not suffer during her vacation, as she has become so fond of running that she doesn’t want to do without.

I can’t go without running all together, but I can skip one or two trainings. Not a whole week though. And I dont’ think I will either. Also, we will be active in other ways, so I’m not gonna be laying by the pool the entire vacation, Lise ensures.

Partying and those kind of things have already taken up less of Lise’s calendar over the past few months, with the training having taken up more and more time.

All the training has had an impact on Lise in more than one way.


– How can you feel that you have improved?
In my pace. I feel that I’m able to give myself more. I always pay attention how it feels – my pace and the amount of energy that I have. I always push myself to my limit.

  • Example: A long run – e.g. 16 km in 4:47 min/km average pace
  • Example: Intervals  – e.g. 8 x 1200m in 4:35 min/km average pace


My limits are being pushed

My body might look forward to taking a break from running, but mentally I just love running so much, and I like it more and more every day.

I don’t think of it as so hard anymore. I’m looking forward to it now. If my plan has a lot of rest days, I become restless.

The progress isn’t just mental, but very tangible too.

When I think back on the beginning when I was running only 4 km … and now I run 17 km! When I ran 4 km and I was thinking about running 10 km, it felt like such a long run. Now I think 10 km is great. My limits have moved, she explains.


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A successful experience

It was especially rewarding to having focused on long runs for a whole week, where the difficult thing for Lise was to keep a steady pace for a long time. She has now learned to set out in a realistic pace and to kick in more speed at the end.

It has been a success for me to being able to expreince this!

In the beginning I would always run too fast and then go down. It wasn’t a nice experience at all, and I was being hard on myself,

It’s better now that I’ve learned to set out in a slower pace, and I’m able to finish faster


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About Lise’s training

Training plan: Nike+ Run Club

Number of training per week: 3

Pace: Not slower than 5 min/km

Running device / gadget: Nike+ Run Club app. No puls watch.

Tests: Nike+ Run Club 3 minutes benchmark tests

CPH Half finish time goal: Sub 1:45

Previous half marathons: None

Strengths: Determined, disciplined, good at all out

Weaknesses: Trains too fast, always focusing on time and pace



I’ve learned a lot about myself

During these months of training, Lise has gotten to know a lot about herself and her own body.

I know how much I can handle for how long time. I know where my puls should be. It is really cool be able to better understand your body  and to find out what you are capable of.

When I bike around the city, I can also feel my physical condition has improved. I feel healthy now, and I have a good sense of my own health condition


Optimistic about her goal

Lise is very optimistic with regards to her goal, which is to finish below 1:45 at the CPH Half – despite of freshers’ week and Canada vacation.

I’m still convinced that I can reach my goal of 1:45. I might even be able to go below that. But I am not gonna set a new goal for myself at this point, because I am pretty nervous as to how my form will be affected after two weeks without much training, this close to CPH Half.

Lise’s training plan peaks at 19km, which will give her a good idea as to whether she can do this.

Distances have gone up now, and this gives me a better idea as to how I will be able to perform on race day.

The finish time is important – but it’s not the only thing that matters.

It is my first half marathon after all. I just want to be able to do a decent time and have a good experience.

And then afterwards I will know much more about what to do differently the next time. I don’t want to be obsessed with it and let it control my life, she says.


Brother and roomie will be joining too

Both Lise’s brother and her roomie will be joining her in running the CPH Half.

My brother is slightly injured, so event though he is faster than me normally, he will run in my pace to spare himself and to support me.

My roomie just wants to run faster than me, so I’m gonna let him do that, haha.


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”Jeg begynder at se bunden på mit program, når jeg scroller ned.