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We are concerned with the local and global environment, of which we are a part.

We believe, that large events enjoying great visibility are role models and need to set a good example within environmental and social sustainability.


What we are already doing

  • Using 100% plastic-free and biodegradable drinking cups
  • Handing out Aqua d’Or water bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Donating empty water bottles to support the Danish Society for Nature Conservation.
  • Serving water tapped directly from city fire hydrants to avoid any transport or packaging.
  • Using 100% biodegradable rain ponchos
  • Using officials race bags in a reusable and recyclable material.
  • Replacing print with digital communication, including registration cards, runners guide, entrant information material, etc.
  • Employing electric or hybrid cars as official and lead cars.
  • Donating excess food to the national food bank, fødevareBanken, which supply meals to socially marginalized groups, homeless shelters, etc.
  • Aborting the use of confetti, non-biodegradable balloons and similar materials along the course.
  • Increasing reuse and recycling through waste management.
  • Employing local non-profit or sports clubs as volunteers to support and promote physical activity and social cohesion through sports.
  • Donating entries to a non-profit organizations, who work to improve life conditions for vulnerable groups such as autists, kids and adults affected by cerebral palsy or cancer, war veterans, and many others.


What we aim to do

  • Making finisher T-shirts optional to reduce textile consumption.
  • Handling sports nutrition waste during the race responsibly to reduce the event’s environmental impact.
  • Complety eliminate the use of disposable plastic
  • Strengthening our existing co-operation with DGI, the national sports and gymnastics club federation, to eliminate smoking at our running events and facilities.