Price increase and cut-off for name and flag print on bib
Price increase and cut-off for name and flag print option on bib coming up soon. 
Cut-off for modifying entrant information
Sunday August 25 is cut-off for making changes to your entrant details.
Tough work-life broke Steen’s back. Now he’s running the CPH Half.
Doctors told Steen that he had only 30% percent chance of ever walking again. Despite of the dismal outlook, he will be running the CPH Half this year.
In Esbjerg they run towards CPH Half together
CPH Half is everyone’s half marathon and in the danish town Esbjerg SGI Løb is taking care of the free group training towards the race September 15th.
How to avoid injuries with InjuryMap
Injuries are every runner’s fear. With the right exercises you can do a lot to prevent injuries yourself.
CPH Half announces top-name for September’s race
Three-time world champion and “king” of the half marathon distance. Organizers announce Geoffrey Kamworor to compete at the CPH Half ’19.
Join five free workouts in Copenhagen organized by Zalando and FitLiving
Get fit for CPH Half with five free workouts organized by Zalando and FitLiving.
CPH Half applies strategy to secure future top runners
CPH Half ranks among the world’s fastest half marathons. The elite strategy of the organizers attracts numerous future top athletes.
Take part in the CPH Half ’19 on September 15th
Don’t miss out on the 5th annual CPH Half edition to be held on September 15th 2019. Entry opens on December 1st. 
CPH Half ’18 proved a race of records
Fully deserved, it was the winner of the women’s race at the CPH Half, Dutchwoman Sifan Hassan, who ran off with the majority of attention. Sifan Hassan stole the headlines, as she won superbly, shattering the European record on the distance, even...