New partnership, website and charity programme takes SuperHalfs to next level
A new partnership with takes SuperHalfs to the next level: Launch of new website, registration and charity platform.
Surprising win in the women’s CPH Half
Not among the pre-favourites for the win, Brihane Dibaba of Ethiopia took a surpring win at the CPH Half. 
Elite announcement: The world’s best runners to return to Copenhagen
The CPH Half will see a line-up of extremely high class. Both the men’s and the women’s field include the 2016 world champions, however they are in anything but an easy task on September 15th.
Entries for the CPH Half ’19 has sold out
The 5th edition of the CPH Half, which is held on September 15, has now sold out with 25,000 entrants.
The CPH Half in numbers
Were you faster or slower than the average runner of your age group? How big is the difference between the overall female and male average finish times? Here is the CPH Half in numbers.
Mini Cph Half Saturday, September 12: Not just for adults
  Bring the whole family to Cph Half weekend – all children are invited to participate in Mini Cph Half. The day before the world’s fastest runners and 25,000 other participants will be running the popular 21.0975 km at Copenhagen...