Explore wonderful Copenhagen!

Start and finish is on the wide boulevard and 2 km long Øster Allé, which is encircled by Denmark’s largest public park, child-friendly Fælledparken. Here you will find sports facilities, playgrounds, the national stadium, Parken, etc. Fælledparken also houses Cph Half Village.

The picturesque Lakes in the middle of the city offers light, air and water. For example you can enjoy the view from one of the many cafes or sail in swan boats. Also the gravel paths around the Lakes are many Copenhageners favorite running route!

Nørrebro is a melting pot of cultures and sensations. Here are stalls with Turkish kebab alongside Danish hot dog stands, and women wearing veils taking rest on benches next to the hipsters in lumberjack shirts.

On the Outer Frederiksberg the city skaters enjoyt he urban atmosphere and the many industrial buildings. Discover, for example, the space under Bispeengbuen which is transformed from a drab and gray area into a cultural hub with inspiring entertainment of various kinds.

Frederiksberg consists of beautiful avenues, well-kept gardens and straight boulevards. Discover for example Frederiksberg Allé, which is also called the “Nordic Champs Elysées”, where the beautiful linden trees helps maintain the majestic expression.

Vesterbro is the quarter of contrasts! For many years Vestbro was infamous for it’s prostitutes and drug users, but today it has become the city’s young and hip neighborhood. Discover for example Sønder Boulevard, where young people take the smallest piece of grass in possession as soon as the sun peeps out.

The city of Copenhagen is so pure that you can bathe in it’s harbours. Here you will experience bathers who make a dive in the Copenhagen harbour, alongside busy people in suits on the way to meetings at the beautiful, modern glass buildings that surround the basins. Experience for example the basins at Islands Brygge, Fisketorvet or the Wave.

In the center of Copenhagen you will find a unique blend of charming old Copenhagen with cobblestone streets and beautiful preserved buildings and the unique modern Scandinavian architectur. And why not end the day with an ice cream in Nyhavn?

Frederiksstaden is the name of the part of town where the royal family palace, Amalienborg Palace, is located alongside the beautiful, old warehouses and beautiful, modern architectural gems. Discover Amaliehaven where you can take a walk in the Queen’s backyard.

Østerbro is the nice and exclusive but also family-friendly quarter which combines cobblestones and urban life. Østerbro is known for it’s many cafes, it’s many shops and the charming cobbled side streets.