There are no Covid-19 restrictions at the CPH Half. However, there may be restrictions you should be aware of if you are traveling into Denmark.


Welcome to Copenhagen

We look forward to welcoming our international runners to enjoy a safe stay and race week in Copenhagen. Please read this for information about the current Covid-19 situation in Denmark.

In Denmark, the majority of the population is fully vaccinated, and we use a corona passport to prove our COVID-19 status on vaccination, recent negative test and recovery from previous infection.

As of September 1, all corona-restrictions are dropped at sports events including the CPH Half, and as of September 10, all other restrictions in Denmark are dropped, including in the night life. This means, that there will be no test, corona-passport or face mask requirements to participate in the CPH Half.

You can learn about all current rules and regulations in Denmark here – Please make sure to keep yourself up to date.


Traveling into Denmark

Some tourists may have to present a negative PCR-test to enter into Denmark.

The travel restrictions for people traveling on a negative test depend primarily on your country of residence and where you are traveling from. There is no requirement for tourists arriving from green and yellow countries in the EU and Schengen Area, as well as those arriving from yellow third countries, to have a worthy purpose for entry to Denmark or to otherwise isolate on arrival.

PCR and rapid antigen tests are free of charge in Denmark. Both tests are available in the public system and you don’t need to make an appointment to get a test.

The Danish travel restrictions may change before you arrive or during your stay. Please keep yourself updated on the websites below:



A safe race event for everyone

Denmark is in its last reopening phase, but we still want to provide safe hygienic conditions during the entire event.

These are some of the measurements we are taking to ensure a safe event for everyone:

  • There will be hand sanitizer available – please use it frequently
  • Officials will be using gloves when handing out food and fluid
  • You will get your medal in your hand, not around your neck
  • We encourage everyone to show consideration and stay home if you feel sick

Thank you for helping us making the CPH Half a good and safe experience.