Christoffer is disabled and sits in a wheelchair everyday. He was born three months too early in 1984, and Sunday he participated in the CPH Half with his dad, Donald, who completed a BIG FOUR.

A “Big Four” consists of the KMD Ironman 70.3 Elsinore, Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, KMD Ironman Copenhagen and Copenhagen Half Marathon. All four races need to be completed within the same year.

Donald has completed them all this year, but has only had his son Christoffer with him during Copenhagen Half Marathon today. Next goal for Donald og Christoffer is to do it together.

“We would like to do the Big Four together next year if Ironman will permit it, and if it is possible we would like to do it with other disabled,” Donald La Verne from Allerød tells with his son Christoffer in the running trolley.

He seems excited about taking part in the race and is very proud of his father.

“My dad is incredible, the fact that he can do these things is crazy, I think. He puts a lot of energy and power in to it,” he tells. 

Christoffer is cheering for his father during the race.

“I tell him keep pushing himself more and more, and I know he can because he has done it before.”

Donald La Verne thinks that having Christoffer with him is great support.

“It is a part of the motivation, normally I would have been walking once in while during the race, but I didn’t today,” he smiles.

Christoffer did notice when Donald hit the wall today. It was in the end of the race that he had to find some energy again.

“I told him that he just needs to believe in himself and believe that he can do it,” Christoffer tells, who also knows when to keep his mouth shot.

“When the crisis is too big he knows when to not say anything,” Donald laughs.

How does it feels running with a wheel chair? 

“The wheel chair is actually not bad to run with, the problem is when we are doing an Ironman and are swimming and bicycling. The running part is the easiest because the wheel chair almost rolls from me downhill and only needs a bit pushing upwards,” Donald tells.

In the water Christoffer is dragged in an inflatable boat.

“It is actually really cool and I love the support we get, I have more confidence than ever in my father, and I know that if others can get through this, we can too,” Christoffer tells excited.

In 2016 the two of them completed their first half Ironman together.

“Christoffer has been a meter taller ever since,” Donald tells.

Donald La Verne is 53 years old, carpenter and works in a home for disabled. Christoffer is 33 years old and works at Østervang in Hillerød.

They completed Copenhagen Half Marathon today in the time of 1:56.

“We had hoped to make it under two hours, and this is the first time we did it,” Donald tells.

Now they are going to find their family and visit Christoffer’s grandmother.

Christoffer is looking forward to the next race and to performe even better.