Pursuant to the Danish law on e-business, the entrant has no right of cancellation since the agreement does not include recreational leisure time activities.

It is possible to transfer your entry, provided this has not been purchased with a discount, to another person against a DKK 50 transfer fee and a DKK 15 (VAT included) handling fee per entrant. It is the person, to whom the entry is transferred, who will be charged with the handling fee.

IMPORTANT! For everybody’s safety an entry transfer must be carried out properly according to correct procedures as described below. A bib is not succesfully transferred until the new entrant has received a valid entry voucher from the transferrer. By signing up with the voucher, the new entrant will have his/her own entrant profile and receive a blank race bib.

The unauthorised use of a bib number will lead to disqualification.

Read the entry transfer procedures below and click the button to start your entry transfer.



How to transfer your entry

  • Log onto your entrant profile

To transfer your entry, log onto your entrant profile by clicking the above button. Use your e-mail as username and the password which was emailed to you after you signed up. Now choose Entry Transfer.

  • Forward the unique voucher code

Once you confirm to transfer your entry, your entrant profile will be deactivated, and you will receive a voucher code by email. This email must be forwarded to the person who is to take over your entry.

  • The new entrant can register

The person, to whom the entry is to be transferred, must submit a regular online entry, entering the before mentioned voucher code as payment option. In doing so, the new entrant is charged only a DKK 50 transfer fee + and DKK 20 handling fee and gets his/her own personal entrant profile and a blank race bib.