Monday, August 29, is your last chance to sign up, if you want to have your name and flag printed on your bib. Also it’s cut-off to change your expected finish time and T-shirt-size.

Monday, August 29, is an important date if you are signed up for the CPH Half already or are considering to do it. Everyone who have signed by Monday will automatically have their first name and nationality flag printed on the bib.

If you need to chance your name or flag, Monday is the last chance to do so. After that, it will not be possible to have your name and nationality printed on your bib number.


Change your expected finish time or T-shirt-size

Also. Monday August 29, is cut-off for making changes to your expected finish time or T-shirt size. 

All entrants are assigned into start groups based on the expected finish time entered by each entrant during the registration. The assigned start group will be printed on your bib. In case your expected finish time has changed, this may affect your assigned start group. You can see all the startgroups and the corresponding finish times here

Monday is also your last chance to change your Nike T-shirt size should you need a different size than you’ve ordered. In case it turns out that your T-shirt doesn’t fit you, there will be a T-shirt exchange where you can switch T-shirts with other runners.

All entrants will receive an email with his/her entrant information and a direct link to login and make changes in your entrant profile. You can also use the link below.

Sign in to modify your expected finish time