Sunday August 25 is cut-off for making changes to your entrant details.

Sunday August 25 is last chance to modify your entrant details before start groups are assigned, and your first name and flag are printed on your race bib.

You can edit most of your entrant details yourself by logging onto your online entrant profile.

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Assigning of start groups

After August 25 all entrants are assigned into start groups corresponding to the anticipated finish entered by each entrant during registration. Learn more

To ensure that all participants have a pleasant and safe start to the race, it is important that all entrants respect their assigned start group. If your anticipated finish time has changed since you registered, you may belong to a different start group.

You may change your expected finish time in your online entrant profile.


Name and nationality on bib 

Your first name and nationality is automatically printed on your race bib, provided you signed up no later than August 26.

You may edit your nationality online, however, name changes cannot be done online. If you need to edit your name, please email us at [email protected].


Entry transfer

If you are injured or otherwise prevented from participating in the race, you have the option of transferring your entry to a different person against a fee.

Learn more about entry transfer here

Please be aware, that if you are to transfer an entry or take over another persons entry, the new entrant must have signed . up no later than August 26 to have his/her name and nationality printed on the race bib.