Sunday, August 29, is the last chance for you to modify your entrant information, such as name, nationality, expected finish time and T-shirt size.

Sunday August 29, is your last chance to modify your entrant details. Before cut-off, all entrant will receive an email with information and login to change your entrant details. You can also find the login to your personal entrant profile in your confirmation email.


August 29 – cut-off for name and flag on bib

CPH Half entrants who have signed up by August 29, will automatically get their first name and nationality flag printed on their bib number. This option will not be available to entrants who sign up later than August 29. Entrants who sign up after August 29, will get a blank bib.


August 29 – change your expected finish time

To ensure a safe and comfortable race start, all entrants will be assigned to a specific start group according to the expected finish time (race pace) you have entered in your registration. It is important that everyone respects their assigned start group.

If your expected finish time has changed since you registered for the race, you can login to your entrant profile to change your expected finish time.

Read more about start groups here


August 29 – change your T-shirt size

You’ve already entered the size of the Nike participant T-shirt when you signed up. If your size has changed since then, you can change it in your entrant profile.