To add that last finish to your CPH Half achievement, enjoy your personal images and video free for download and share. 


We all want that CPH Half feeling to live just a little longer.

As part of your participant packet we did our best to capture you on camera. The results will be uploaded to your results profile, free of cost and available for you to view, download and share with your friends and loved ones.


What you get

  • “Live images” from start, finish and from the on-course live zone
  • Your finisher certificate / diploma
  • Your personal finisher video / video diploma (available a few days efter your race)
  • If you’re lucky, personal Zalando greetings from friends and loved ones (in app only)

How to do it

  1. Go to results profiles here
  2. Search your name and bib number
  3. View, download and share your ‘live images’, ‘video diploma’ and ‘diploma’

Notice! Your Zalando Greetings are only visible in the CPH Half app

Go to results to search for your results profile