Start and finish

The start and finish line is located on Øster Allé in Fælledparken on Østerbro, DK-2100 Copenhagen.

Public transport – Metro, S-train or bus

We strongly recommend taking the new Metro line “CityRingen”, which stops at three different stations all located within 200 – 1,000 metres of the start and finish area. CityRingen stops at both Copenhagen Central Station and Copenhagen Airport.

The nearest Metro stations are:

  • Vibenhus Runddel (Fælledparken)
  • Trianglen
  • Poul Henningsens Plads (Jagtvej/Østerbrogade)

You can also take the S-train to the starting area. All the nearest S-train station are city stations, which means that all S-train lines stop at these stations including also Copenhagen Central Station.

The nearest S-train stations are:

  • Nordhavn st. (1.8 km)
  • Østerport st. (2.1 km)
  • Svanemøllen st. (1.9 km)

While several busses are redirected on race day, S-train and Metro are not affected by the race. However, we recommend that you plan your journey beforehand to be sure that public transportation is not affected by construction work or other alterations.

We strongly advise against arriving by car to the start and finish area, due to the very limited parking options in the area.

If you are obliged to take the car, we recommend parking in the outskirts of Copenhagen and using public transport in from there. Be aware of race day road closures and redirections; see below.


Travel easy on race day with Event Ticket

To save yourself too much ticket trouble, you can purchase a 12 hours CPH Half EventTicket in the DOT Ticket App. The event ticket is valid for all public transport with the Greater Copenhagen area.

Choose 1-4 zones for DKK 30 or up to 99 zones for DKK 60.

Get your Event Ticket by scanning the QR code or click this link (you need to have the DOT ticket app)

QR kode til Eventbillet 2022


Further traffic information

Find detailed information on traffic alterations here


Information and time tables

See current time tables:

S-train schedule
Metro overview and schedule
Bus information
Journey planner; download app for iOS or Android

For more information about public transportation in Copenhagen see here