There are 5 official on-course hydration zones and a Red Bull sampling spot.

All hydration zones are placed on both sides of the street and will be signposted 100 metres before.

  • All zones offer water and High5 energy drink in cups
  • Water will be available both before and after the energy drink
  • Water is served in 100% plastic-free, biodegradable cups
  • Energy drink is served in 100% plast-free, biodegradable High5-branded cups
  • At zone 3 (at km 11.7) there will be High5 Aqua Gels (berry)
  • At all hydration zones there will also be cold water showers, toilets and petrolium jelly available

See the exact locations of the hydration zones on the interactive course map


Hydration zones overview

In connection with all hydration zones, there will be drop zones for easy and environmental dispose of used drinking cups, energy gels package, etc. Drop zones are placed both before and after the hydration zone.

Hydration station no.
Approx. kilometer
Hydration and energy
# 1 4 Water and High5 EnergySource citrus
# 2 7.5 Water and High5 EnergySource citrus
# 3 11 Water, High5 EnergySource citrus, banana bites and High5 Aqua Gel (berry)
13 Red Bull sampling of deluted Red Bull energy drink. See nutrition declaration below.
# 4 15 Water and High5 EnergySource citrus
# 5 17.5 Water, High5 EnergySource citrus and banana bites


Nutrition Declaration – High 5 EnergyDrink