If you were among those who didn’t manage to secure a spot for CPH Half 2024 and are considering purchasing an entry on Facebook, we recommend you to hold off until early February when our new platform will be launched.

Did you miss out on a start number for CPH Half 2024? Then you should refrain from buying or transferring a bib from another runner until early February. At that time, we will unveil an entirely new and secure platform, confirming sellers to ensure your safety throughout purchasing.

The need for a secure resale olatform

Shortly after CPH Half sold out last year, a new request emerged on our social media: people looking to buy or sell entries for CPH Half. Unfortunately, some were deceived in the pursuit of these coveted entries.

It quickly became apparent to us that there was a significant need for a secure resale platform. This platform would allow sellers to list their numbers for sale while providing buyers with confidence in the process. Following the record-breaking sell-out of CPH Half 2024 in just 39 days, we chose to expedite the launch date to meet this demand.

When you wish to sell your start number, you’ll log in to the resale platform, where you can list your bib for sale. For buyers, this ensures that sellers are approved in our system, mitigating the risk of purchasing a non-existing entry.

We, therefore, recommend refraining from purchasing a start number from others until the new platform goes live in early February. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.