CPH Half is everyone’s half marathon and in the danish town Esbjerg SGI Løb is taking care of the free group training towards the race September 15th.

Through the last couple of years CPH Half has spread the popular free group trainings, with support from the Nordea foundation, to most of the country. This year Esbjerg and Southwestern Jutland have joined too, and the local community SGI Løb will be responsible for the free group trainings that are held every Saturday.

”We have been fond of the idea of participating and organising free group training for a while. CPH Half is a recurrent event, which we would like to participate in, and when we do it this way we believe that both SGI Løb, CPH Half, and all runners in Southwest Denmark can benefit from it,” says Søren Kruse Madsen, department manager in SGI Løb.

CPH Half is held September 15th and the first free group training in Esbjerg is held August 3rd. The trainings are open for everyone, who would like to go for a longer run in the weekend.

”Everyone that can run 10 kilometres can join. Our group trainings are always long runs and can therefore replace the long runs that most people run as a part of their preparations towards the race, and we hope that lots of runners from all over Southwest Jutland will join,” says Søren kruse Madsen. 


Denmark’s biggest race

In SGI Løb there is a tradition of participating in half marathon and marathon in Hamburg, where 110 runners joined last year. Now the community’s goal is Copenhagen Half Marathon.

”We are located so far west in Denmark that we haven’t focused on CPH Half as goal previously. The runners that have participated have managed their training themselfs, and we have heard a lot of good things about the race from them. I have participated several times myself, and I must say it is Denmark’s biggest race on all points. So, we are looking forward to experience the atmosphere and the many happy runners, and the boost it will give the community to have a mutual goal to train towards,” says Søren Kruse Madsen.