The plan was in place all along. And it was no coincidence, that Geoffrey Kamworor chose the CPH Half as the place to beat the world record.

It was a very happy Geoffrey Kamworor, who the day after his amazing world record was able to sit back and relax for a day.

“I am very excited and happy to be the world record holder. It is something, that has been on my mind for so long,” a smiling Kamworor tells.

From the very beginning of the year, the 26-Year-old Kenyan has set his mind for Copenhagen.

He had planned “to do something special”, and Copenhagen was going to be the place for it. Why? It was in the streets of Copenhagen, at the 2014 World Half Marathon Championships, that young Kamworor had his major breakthrough when he won his first world championships title out of two more to come.

“That’s why this race was so special to me,” Geoffrey explains.     

Everything was prepared

On race day, the conditions didn’t speak for a world record at all. It was rainy and, contrary to previous years, very windy, and runners would have strong headwind on large parts of the course. Not exactly top ideal conditions for breaking a world record.

But Kamworor was prepared, and he had brought with him a team of top professional pacemakers.

“I had put in my mind, that the pacemakers would push me until 10 kilometres. Once I saw, that I was on the right time, I know that I would push and run the rest by myself, because I was prepared,” tells the world record holder calmly.

Only a matter of time

Being a three time world champion, if anyone was to beat the world record, Geoffrey Kamworor would be the one to do it, many thought.

“My friends would always tell me ‘You can do it, why don’t you do it?’. Every time I answered, that time will come, and I will do it,” Geoffrey Kamworor tells.


See the moment where Geoffrey Kamworor beats the world record


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