Køb Eventbillet til CPH Half

Get a DOT Event Ticket to travel easy and cheap with public transport on Sunday, September 18.

We recommend all CPH Half participants or spectators to get to and from the start/finish or around Copenhagen by public transport.

Luckily, the Metro goes directly to the start/finish area, and the S-trains also stop within walking distance from the start. The only easier way to get around would probably be on a bicycle 😉

One ticket for the whole day

The public transport company in Copenhagen, DOT, has made it easy and cheap for CPH Half runners and spectators to travel with public transport on race day, Sunday September 18.

All you have to do is download the DOT Ticket App and buy your CPH Half Event Ticket. The ticket is valid for all public transport in Greater Copenhagen and valid for 12 hours.

Choose between:

  • A small Event Ticket for 1-4 zones for DKK 30
  • A large Event Ticket up to 99 zones for DKK 60

Get your ticket by scanning the QR code below or via this link

Important! You need to download the DOT Ticket App for the link to work.

QR kode til Eventbillet 2022


How to get to the start