Løb den fulde distance Copenhagen Marathon

Feel encouraged to take on more running challenges?Then continue the training towards the full Copenhagen Marathon in May 2023.

Is the post-race blues starting to kick in?

Starting to get a tiny bit restless?

Then it’s time for sure to set some new goals for yourself. And perhaps take a step up now that you know you have the coolness to complete a half marathon.

In other words, why not take on another big Scandinavian classic, namely the Copenhagen Marathon ’23, as your next goal?

The 44th Copenhagen Marathon takes place on May 14, 2023

Learn more about the Copenhagen Marathon ’23 here

Build on your super form to reach new goals

Don’t let your boss form go to waste! Advantage from your form peak, set your eyes on a new long-term goal and keep on adding on those miles.

Having experience in training towards a specific goal, you’ll know that it can take your motivation to new heights and make it a lot easier for you to get those nice long runs done.

Having a goal means that you’ll be running for a purpose. For something bigger than yourself and all the bad excuses or Netflix series 😉

You’ll be running for the feeling of fighting for something and knowing that you are strong and able to do exactly what to set your mind to!

Sign up for the Copenhagen Marathon ’23 here


Feel the marathon euphoria

The atmosphere in Copenhagen goes crazy once the marathon hits the streets. Watch this:


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