All finishers this year get a special, personalized CPH Half video memento.


Running a half marathon leaves you with all kinds of impressions, feelings, moods and memories. We want to help you capture and keep them after you cross the finish line.

That is why we will be producing a personalized finisher video for all finishers this year – completely free of charge – and sent to you a few days after the race.

The video will contain:

  • Personal video footage and pictures from 3 on-course live zones (see map with live zone locations)
  • Beautiful video footage of the race and the city
  • Your personal victory photo, which you can get for free once you’ve crossed the finish line

Don’t forget your victory photo

To make your finisher video as personal as possible, your victory (finisher) photo will be integrated into the video.

To have your victory photo taken, you must go to a victory photo spot in Runners Area after crossing the finish line. There are two photo spots – you really can’t miss them. Otherwise you can see where they are located on the interactive start and finish area map in the CPH Half app.

Visit the Zalando Recovery Zone in Runners Area