Pursuant to the Danish law on e-business, the entrant has no right of cancellation of recreational leisure time activities, in case he/she is prevented from participating.

However, it is possible to transfer your entry to a different runner against a transfer fee of DKK 50.

Important information

A transferred entry ticket represents the actual purchase value deducted by a transfer fee (DKK 50), a handling fee (DKK 20, VAT included) and any difference between the actual purchase price and the current entry price.

The person to whom the entry is being transferred, receives a voucher code representing this value.

For everybody’s safety an entry transfer must be carried out properly according to correct procedures as described below. It is not sufficient to pass on your registration card or confirmation email to a different runner. The unauthorized use of a bib number can lead to disqualification.


How to transfer your entry

  • Log onto your entrant profile

Click the button below to log onto your entrant profile. Choose ‘Entry transfer’.

  • Enter information about new entrant

Enter the email address of the person, to whom the entry should be transferred. Once you confirm the transfer, this person will receive an email from which the face value of the entry appears along with the remaining amount that the new entrant will need to pay when signing up for the race.

Once you confirm to transfer your entry, your entrant profile will be deactivated.

  • New entrant confirms transfer

The new entrant receives an email with an option to accept or decline the entry transfer. If he/she accepts, the entry transfer will be complete.

  • The new entrant can register

The new entrant will now receive a voucher code, which he/she can use to sign up for the race. By signing up, the new entrant gets a personal entrant profile and a clean bib.