For everyone to have a smooth and safe start to the race, all participants are asked to choose a start group based on the finish time, he or she expects.

You must choose your start group when you register for the event. However, if your expected finish time changes, you can change your start group accordingly in your online entrant profile until September 4.


The race start

Once the race starts, the first and the fastest start groups are launched across the starting line follow by all the others. It may take up to 40 minutes for all start groups to cross the starting line, however, of course, your individual race timing will not start until you cross the starting line.

All start groups are clearly signposted with colors throughout the start section. Make sure you go to your start group well in time before the race starts. With 25,000 runners who must enter the start section, the area will be crowded close to race start. As part of the start section will be fully fenced, we recommend you orientate yourself beforehand, so you know where you can and cannot enter your start section.


Start groups & pace teams

In the table below you can see the start groups and the corresponding pace teams that will be running within each start group.

Many large pace teams, e.g. finish time 1:40, will be divided into smaller pace teams, which means you can follow those balloons whether you start in the back of the 1:30-1:40 group or in front of the 1:40-1:50 group.

More info about pace teams