The start section is divided into start groups based on expected finish times. All entrants are assigned into start groups based on the expected finish time entered by each entrant during registration. 

The start group color is marked on the bib numbers, and start groups will also be clearly signposted throughout the starting section.

It is possible to modify your expected finish time in your online entrant profile until August 25. If you wish to modify your expected finish time after this point, please direct yourself at the info desk at the CPH Half Expo venue or at the race site on race day.

A site map showing the locations of all start groups will be posted here in due time.

Race start

All participants are to take place in their assigned start group in time for race start at 11:15 AM.

From the time the gun goes off (gun time) until the runners in the last start group have crossed the starting line, it may take up to 40 minutes.

For safety reasons and to ensure that all participants have a smooth and comfortable start to the race, all entrants must respect their assigned start group. 

Pace teams

You can follow one of the 14 pace teams to cross the finish line in your desired finish time.

Pace teams will be positioned in the start groups corresponding to their finish times. They will be carrying colored balloons indicating their finish time (h:min)

Please notice that the balloon colors do not correspond to the start group colors!

Finish (h:min) Pace (min/km) Balloon  color
Start group
1:25 4:02 < 1:30
1:30 4:16 < 1:30
1:35 4:30 1:30-1:45
1:40 4:44 1:30-1:45
1:45 4:59 1:30-1:45
1:50 5:13 1:45-2:00
1:55 5:27 1:45-2:00
2:00 5:41 1:45-2:00
2:05 5:55 2:00-2:15
2:10 6:10 2:00-2:15
2:15 6:24 2:00-2:15
2:20 6:38 2:15-2:30
2:25 6:52 2:15-2:30
2:30 7:07 2:15-2:30
> 2:30 No pace teams > 2:30