Race day: Sunday 15.9
Race start: 11:15 AM CEST
Start location: Øster Allé, DK-2100 Copenhagen

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Below you can find some of the practical informations you need to be prepared for race day. Also, we've compiled all the important entrant informations in a Runners Guide, which you can download by clicking the link below.


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Start & finish

The race starts and finishes at Øster Allé, which runs through the spacious city park ‘Fælledparken’ securing excellent accessability for runners and spectators alike.


Runners Area

Opening at 9:00 am, the runners only area is located on Øster Allé and Edel Sauntes Allé in the middle of Fælledparken. The area accommodates start group sections, baggage drop-off points, info desk, and entrant facilities such as toilets, water stations, and women’s and men’s changing tents. Runners area opens at 9:00 am.


Entrance & exits

Runners and spectators can enter Runners Area from all directions. There will be access to most of the start & finish area except from start and finish line section at Øster Allé marked on the site map by a red dotted line. Also, please be aware, that it will not be possible for either runners nor spectators to cross Øster Allé (the starting street) once the race is on.


See map of the starting and finish area


Race packet pick-up

Be sure to collect your race packet including race bib and your Nike DriFit Miler T-shirt at the CPH Half Expo in Sparta Hallen taking place from 12 – 14 September. Be sure to bring your registration card, which is emailed to you, to have your race packet handed out.


More info about race packet pick-up


Info desks

There are info desks open on race day. One of them is located at the CPH Half Expo, the other is located in Runners area. Both info desks open at 9:00 am.



There are lots of toilets in the entire start & finish area. There are also toilets at all 5 hydration zones; the first one is located at km 4.2.


Medical conditions

On the backside of your race bib, you have the option to inform race organizers about any medical problems or health conditions. You can also write the name and phone number of a person we should contact in case of an emergency.


Baggage drop-off

During the race, you can have your baggage bag stored in Runners’ Area from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Located along Edel Sauntes Allé and part of Øster Allé, there are several baggage drop-off points divided by bib numbers. Baggage storage is attended but at your own responsibilty.


More info about baggage drop-off


Race timing & splits

Race timing is provided by Ultimate Sports Service by means of a timing chip integrated in your race bib. Your race bib must be placed visibly on the front of your running vest and cannot be bend or otherwise manipulated. Race timing starts once you cross the starting line, and your finish time is registered when you cross the finish line. Split times are recorded at km 5, 10, 15, and 20.


Lining up at the start

The start section throughout Edel Sauntes Allé and Øster Allé is divided into 6 start groups, which are clearly signposted. All entrants have been assigned to a start group based on ones expected finish time as entered during registration. Your assigned start group will appear from your registration card and your race bib. For all runners to have a smooth and safe start to the race, it is important that everyone respects their assigned start group. Please allow sufficient time to get to your start group, since the starting area can get busy as race start approaches.


Race start

All entrants must be in their start group in due time before race start at 11:15 am. It will be a rolling start, which means that the elite will be the first to cross the starting line, followed by each of the 6 start groups. Expect up to 40 minutes time for all entrants to get across the starting line.


More info about race start and start groups


Pace teams

You have the option to follow one of the 14 official pace teams to achieve your goal finish time. The pace teams will keep a steady pace, encourage you all the way and get you across the finish line right on time.

The 14 pace teams will line up in the start group corresponding to their target finish time. They will be easy recognizable carrying colored balloons indicating their target finish times (h:min). On the start & finish area site map you can see where your start group is located.


Crossing the finish line

Once you cross the finish line, take a moment to enjoy your awesome achievement! However, it is important that you continue to move away from the finish line to avoid congestion, as runners behind you keep coming in across the finish line.


Finisher medal & engraving

After crossing the finish line, you will receive your finisher medal. To avoid congestion at the finish line, officials handing out medale may move further down the finish section. You can have your medal personalized by having your finish time or name engraved into your medal. The engraving booth is located in Runners Area.


Celebration photo & finisher video

Don’t forget to have your free celebration photo taken along the photo wall after crossing the finish line.  The photo will be sent to you by SMS text message and/or email. It will also be integrated into your very own, personal finisher video, which will be ready for you a few days after the race.


Recovery supplies

All finishers are offered a variety of fluids and recovery supplies at the finish: Pågen cinnamon bread rolls, High5 recovery bar, High5 energy drink, fruit, and a Carlsberg Nordic alcohol-free beer.


Zalando Recovery Zone

After having crushed the 21,0975 kilometres, runners and supporters are welcome at the Zalando Recovery Zone to relax, celebrate and enjoy tasty food and drinks together.


More info about the Zalando Recovery Zone