It took only 39 days. Since its opening on December 1st, 27,000 race bibs for the Copenhagen Half Marathon 2024 are sold. This is remarkably quick and beyond expectations, according to the organizer.

Registrations for this year’s Copenhagen Half Marathon have been selling fast since the launch on December 1st. Nearly 700 registrations daily, leading the organizer, Sparta Athletics & Running, to announce a sell-out 8 months before the iconic half marathon kicks off.

In both 2022 and 2023, Sparta Athletics & Running signaled a sold-out status ahead of race day; In 2022 nine days before with 25,000 registered participants and in 2023 three months before with 27,000 registered participants.

The fact, that it only took 39 days this year has surprised the CEO of Sparta Athletics & Running, Dorte Vibjerg:

“The sales for the Copenhagen Half Marathon have exceeded all expectations. After selling out in recent years, we expected to have 27,000 runners at the new starting line on Jagtvej this year. However, it has surprised us how quickly it happened,” said Dorte Vibjerg, pointing to two possible explanations.

“We see a general trend of more and more people wanting to participate in running events. Additionally, we believe that taking participant feedback into account and conducting a thorough evaluation, leading to the relocation of the start and finish back to Østerbro, has had a positive effect.”

In addition to CPH Half, Sparta Athletics & Running is also the organizer of the Copenhagen Marathon on May 5, 2024. This race is also rapidly approaching sold-out status, with less than 2,000 race bibs remaining before reaching the capacity of 15,000 participants.

Facts about the Copenhagen Half Marathon:

  • Copenhagen Half Marathon 2024 kicks off on September 15 at 9:30 AM.
  • Start and finish will be on Østerbro with finish area near Fælledparken.
  • The capacity is 27,000 participants.
  • Registration opened on Friday, December 1, at 12:00 PM.
  • CPH Half 2023 sold out approximately three months before race day with 27,000 participants.
  • CPH Half is the race where one can push boundaries on a route designed precisely for that purpose.

Sparta Athletics and Running will launch a new and secure platform for resale. The platform is expected to be live around February 1st. If you want to buy/sell/transfer race bibs for CPH Half 2024, we recommend waiting until the platform is live.