Race start
The race will start on Sunday, September 17, 2023, at 11:15 AM from Gl. Kongevej and finish on Frederiksberg Allé.

Starting area
The starting area is located at Solbjerg Plads, Frederiksberg, and opens at 9:00 AM. The area accommodates all pre-race facilities and is accessible from all directions. Make sure to be there well in time for a comfortable start to your race.

Bag drop
You can have your race bag stored at our bagage tents – placed at Solbjerg Plads – during the race from 9:00 – 16:00. Storage is attended but at the participant’s own risk. For race day baggage storage, please use the race bag handed out to you at the CPH Half Expo.

Help desk
If you need help or have any questions on race day, please go to the help desk near the baggage drop, which is open from 9:00 – 11:00.

There are lots of toilets in the start & finish area. There are also toilets at all 5 hydration zones along the course. The first one is located after 4 kilometers.

Medical conditions
On the backside of your race bib, you have the option to inform the race organizers about any medical problems or health conditions that might be relevant for others to know. You can also write the name and phone number of a person we should contact in case of an emergency

All runners are divided into seven start groups based on their expected finish time. This is to secure a smooth and safe race for everyone and prevent congestion. Please respect your start group and remember that your timing will not start until you cross the starting line.

If you are not sure which start group you are in, check your registration card or look at your race bib color.

Getting to your start group
Check the map to see where your start group is located and how to get there after dropping off your race bag. You can sign into the CPH Half App for directions to your exact start group location.

We recommend that you go to your assigned start group at least 30 minutes before race start. The starting area is large and will get busy leading up to race start, so be sure to check in advance how to get to your start group, and allow time to get there.

Finish Line
The finish line is located at the end of Frederiksberg Allé. Here, you can look forward to a fantastic finish with thousands of spectators and flags on both sides.

When you cross the finish line, you’ll receive a beautiful medal, and you can refuel with bananas, water from Aqua d’Or, Gifflar from Pågen, High5 bars, Red Bull, and Carlsberg Nordic.

SuperHalfs Medal
Are you participating in the SuperHalfs series? And have you just completed CPH Half as your last race in the series? Then you deserve an extra special medal! Come by the SuperHalfs tent in the finish area – forward and to the left when you cross the finish line (see map below) – so we can celebrate you and present you with your well-deserved medal. If you want to learn more about the SuperHalf series, you can visit the booth at the expo or click here.

Celebration Photo
At Solbjerg Plads, you can have a wonderful celebration photo taken with your medal to commemorate your outstanding achievement and a lovely day on the streets of Copenhagen. It’s free.

PureGym Stretching
Finish your day with a relaxing stretch led by PureGym instructors at Solbjerg Plads. You can borrow yoga mats and foam rollers, and you can follow along with all the exercises on a big screen. New sessions will start regularly, so drop by and give those sore muscles a good stretch.