Street parties are perfect at an event like Cph Half according to Copenhagen event organisers.

Adrenaline, wild parties, and a festive atmosphere. These are some of the reasons the event organisers arrange music events and parties along the Cph Half course.

At Nørrebro’s Runddel, the runners will hear the first pumping bass as the self-proclaimed party-tsunami Distortion welcomes the runners with a rain of confetti and an inflatable flower. Mathias Qvist Christensen, Distortion’s project manager at Cph Half, stands atop a truck alongside a DJ supporting the runners as they run by.

Running events represent the same adrenaline and wild festive atmosphere that form the basis of our parties. I’m glad people are so supportive, he says.

You can do it, Line reads a sign held by a group of friends at the screen in Nørrebrogade. The grey sky is full of confetti.

The atmosphere is great, even in poor weather like this. I think I’m inspired to take up running myself, says Michelle Zangenberg and her friends nod approvingly.

Numerous parties at the event

Some of Copenhagen’s well-known event organisers are present at Cph Half. Street parties like Distortion, Bas Under Buen, and Copenhagen Pride are represented with tents and vans along the course.

The organisers think that Cph Half is perfect for their parties.

We’re trying to rethink how to use the urban space, and a race like this is the perfect event to do just that, says Madeleine Von Warburg from the newly formed street party Bas Under Buen.

Exhilarated by echo

Bas Under Buen is located a few kilometres from Nørrebro’s Runddel from where the wild party again emanates. Under Bispebuen at Borups Allé, six carrier bikes containing large speakers pump loud music with a heavy bass down towards the runners.

Madeleine Von Warburg enjoys the shouts of the runners that resonate in the arched structure. She needs to raise her voice to be heard over the loud echoes of shouts of the runners in the arch.

The energy of our music compliments the euphoria of the runners, says the event organiser.

Rural Denmark meets the drag queens

Towards the end, the runners meet the last well-known Copenhagen event: Copenhagen Pride. They are the event’s colourful touch as decadently dressed drag queens welcome the runners at Christiansborg.

Hope is where the heart is is the message that unites CPH Half and Copenhagen Pride. This message strikes a chord with spectator Berit Rasmussen. She has travelled from the South-Easternmost part of Denmark to support her husband, and looks smiling at the drag queens wearing stilettoes and short skirts while they high-five the passing runners.

When it rains, it’s a pleasure to watch a group of women like them support the runners, says the Southern Jutlander.

In our hometown, such things are more than rare. The runners obviously enjoy their cheering.

The organisers hope to repeat the success again in 2016.