A new partnership with realbuzz.com takes SuperHalfs to the next level: Launch of new website, registration and charity platform.

Two months ahead of the SuperHalfs series kick-off at the Lissabon Half Marathon, the SuperHalfs cities of Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia are delighted to announce a new partnership between SuperHalfs and realbuzz.com, the leading online entry and charity fundraising experts.

Powered by realbuzz.com, a new website is now online at www.superhalfs.com, offering series registration options, a charity programme and training support.

The SuperHalfs series brings together five of the world’s most beautiful half marathon races with the aim of promoting running, tourism and environmental sustainability.


The journey can begin

Runners embarking on the mission to complete all five races can now truly begin their SuperJourney thanks to these new features available at the freshly launched website developed by realbuzz.com.

And the interest is overwhelming!

”The response to the new SuperHalfs series since our launch in September 2019 has been phenomenal, with thousands of runners from across Europe and the world excited to kick start their journeys around these five great cities in 2020. Ahead of the series getting underway in Lisbon this March, we’re excited to have partnered up with realbuzz.com on the development of a new website, allowing those working towards becoming a SuperRunner the opportunity to track their participation with a virtual passport, purchase series entries or secure a space through our new charity programme,” says Glenn Lattimer, General Secretary of SuperHalfs 


Experiences and charity at www.superhalfs.com

The new partnership with realbuzz.com will allow runners to track their participation in the series through a Virtual Passport, access a wealth of content on all aspects of fitness, health and diet and secure their space in each of the five events – either on an individual basis, through an official charity partner or with a series pass.

 ”We are delighted to be working with the SuperHalfs team to help deliver the website and charity fundraising programme for this prestigious half marathon series. This is a fantastic opportunity for runners of all ability levels to challenge themselves and go on the running adventure of a lifetime. Raising money for a charity close to their heart is an amazing way for these runners to make their SuperHalfs journey even more memorable,” says Tim Rogers, CEO of realbuzz.com



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We all have our reasons to run. Maybe you want to lose weight, get in better shape or you simply run because you love it 🧡 We are curious to know: Why you are a runner? And remember: You are not defined as a runner because of the distance or the speed. If you run then you are a runner! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

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A Virtual SuperPassport

Creating an account at www.superhalfs.com will allow runners to obtain a unique Virtual Passport number used to track your participation in the series as your work towards earning a SuperMedal upon finishing all five races.

The much-anticipated passport visual will be unveiled after the first event for 2020 takes place in Lisbon on Sunday March 22.

An account at www.superhalfs.com will also grant runners access to exclusive benefits and incentives such as exclusive merchandise, that will be made available along the way in the coming months, priority access to race registrations and a chance at securing a number of guaranteed entries reserved in each event, available even after they have sold out.


Run for charity

SuperHalfs have worked with realbuzz.com to partner with a range of international charities, who will be offering runners the opportunity to fundraise for a great cause as part of their SuperHalfs journey.

By running for charity, runners not only get a chance to help change lives, but also receive a whole host of perks. This includes guaranteed entries in sold out SuperHalfs events, plus exclusive fundraising and training support.


Full series entry

As well as entering each race individually, runners keen to complete the 36-month challenge have the option to purchase a Series Pass, which includes entries into all five events.

Each pass contains five access codes, which once redeemed will grant runners access into each event.

The codes remain active for 36 months from the time of purchase allowing runners to plan out their journey around the five cities over a three-year period, although many runners will be looking to complete the circuit in just one season before the end of 2020!

Visit www.superhalfs.com



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Today is the first day of a new year 🎉 It is not just an ordinary year, it’s a new decade. And in 2020 we will step up our running game and travel around Europe for the fun of running, for the thrill of travel, and for the joy of saying “I did it!” 🌍 Let’s set the bar high and make this year a SuperYear! All the best, The SuperHalfs team

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