Quench your thirst with Aqua d’Or water and donate the bottle made of 100% recycled plastic to support the Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

When you cross the finish line on September 19, you have very much right to be proud of yourself. This year, even more.

At the finish line, you will be handed a bottle of water from Aqua d’Or. Make sure you return your empty bottle in the containers before leaving the finish area to donate your support to the Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

A bottle made of 100% recycled plastic

Not only can you donate your empty bottle to support our natural environment. The bottle itself is already Earth-friendly, as it is made from 100% recycled plastic.

That is a double up on your natural environment protection efforts right there, and we are proud to contribute to a better use of our natural ressources and to prevent plastic waste from contaminating our environment.

Supporting a cleaner and better natural environment

Lone Norup of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation is thrilled with the donation and our choice of water bottle: 

“This donation supports one of our key issues: working for a clean environment and a production, consumption and waste management that doesn’t damage the natural environment and our climate”.

“Reusing and recycling our waste are among the most important factors in achieving a more sustainable society, as 50% of our global plastic waste comes from disposable packaging. Therefore we very much appreciate Sparta and CPH Half supporting the message that we should not throw our waste in the streets or in the nature, but collect and sort it to be used in new products made from recycled plastic.”


CPH Half, Aqua d’Or and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation wish you a great race and thank you for taking care of the natural environment and our climate.