Five runners from Germany met each other on the Metro on their way to Copenhagen Half Marathon on yesterday.


Even though they didn’t know each other before Sunday’s race, they are a team now – The German team.

“We heard someone speaking german, while we were waiting for the Metro, and we got to talk,” Dimo tells.

Dimo is travelling to Copenhagen with Stefanie, but he has actually met Jens-Stefan earlier in a relay race, where 10 people run 95 kilometres together. 

Now the five Germans consider themselves a team.

“We only just met, but we run under the same flag,” they laugh, “so now we are team Germany!”

Jens-Stefan is in Copenhagen enjoying his third half marathon this year. He thinks Copenhagen is a fantastic city.

“It’s my first time here in Copenhagen. The weather is nice, and I wanted to try a half marathon here. I like the Danish people and the language, even if I don’t speak it,” he laughs.

When asked whether they think Copenhagen Half Marathon can compete with the popular Berlin Half Marathon back home, Fransk answers that he has never run the Berlin Half Marathon, only a 25 kilometres route in the city. But he knows quite well, which one is his favorite:

“I think Copenhagen is much nicer than Berlin. I really like it here.”

Frank is traveling together with Olga and they both did the Hannover and Dresden Half Marathons earlier this year.

Even if Copenhagen is Team Germany’s favorite right now, that position may soon change, as next stop for the German team is the New York City Marathon on november 4th this year, where they will try on the double distance. 

At the Copenhagen Half Marathon this year, an impressive 114 nations were represented in the field of participants. The number of international runners have been increasing ever since the inaugural race edition, now almost a fourth of all participants are from a different country than Denmark.