The Copenhagen Half Marathon is not just known as a fast race. It’s also one of the most enjoyable ones you can participate in – both as a runner and as a spectator.

The Copenhagen Half Marathon is not just a race. It’s also a party! Along the route, we’ve ensured plenty of entertainment with bands, DJs, samba, and much, much more. Check here to see where you can look forward to getting some extra energy as a runner and where you’ll find the biggest attractions on the route as a spectator.

There are metro stations near most of the parties, so you can easily make it to several. Enjoy – and have a great party!


Find alle the parties on the map here

Taiko Drums at 1.2 km

Location: Gl. Kongevej 60
Seido Taiko is Denmark’s first and, so far, only taiko group. The group has performed at several of our races, and they always leave a wild impression. So, look forward to experiencing some incredibly talented artists as they perform with the wildest drumming.


UNITED Choir at 4.1 km

Location: Aksel Møllers Have
The choir UNITED, consisting of 100 choir singers, will fill the entire street with beautiful singing for both runners and spectators. A fantastic experience in the open air. You definitely shouldn’t miss this!


Toscana Carnival Group at 6 km

Location: Nørrebrogade/Hillerødgade
The Toscana Carnival Group delivers grand and vibrant samba that goes far beyond the stage. Get captivated by the good vibes and colorful feathers and sequins. It’s going to be a party!


WOCO Power Zone at 6.5 km

Location: Nørrebros Rundel
WOCO stands for Wonderful Copenhagen, and their Power Zone is designed to boost runners’ spirits and engage spectators. Look forward to a lively and architecturally inspired oasis along the route.

NBRO Power Zone at 7.9 km

Location: Dronning Louises Bro
NBRO’s Power Zone on Dronning Louises Bro is nothing short of legendary. The local running crew always ensures a massive running party here. Expect lots of noise, cheers, applause, drumming, and whistles for the awesome CPH Half runners – and even smoke bombs. In other words, get ready for a party you’ll never forget. NBRO’s motto is #runpartyrepeat, and they live up to it. NBRO’s Power Zone is a must-experience!


Nike Cheering Zone at 8.9 km

Location: Sølvtorvet
Nike ensures the coolest race party with music and high spirits at their cheering zone. Here, you’ll enjoy energetic rhythms pumped out by a party-ready DJ – And you mustn’t miss the race’s only stilt-walking show. Yes, it sounds unique, but just wait and see!


Puregym Power Zone at 10.1 km

Location: Trianglen
Step into the Puregym Power Zone, where worlds of music, fitness, and dance collide in an explosion of energy and rhythm.


DJona and Saxophonist at 12.1 km

Location: Strandboulevarden/Nordre Frihavnsgade
On Strandboulevarden, you’ll encounter a wild and dynamic duo that brings an electrifying fusion of music to the party. DJona and his saxophonist collaborate to create an unforgettable atmosphere that will keep your feet and ears moving.


BMW Cheering Zoneat 13.5 km

Location: Kristianiagade/Oslo Plads
Run to the beat of a DJ. In the BMW Cheering Zone, you’ll find great music, high fives, and of course, fantastic vibes.


Carlsberg Nordic Power Zone at 15 km

Location: Kgs. Nytorv
Do you like cold beer? Then the Carlsberg Nordic Power Zone is the right place for you. The cheerful brewers are more than ready to set a festive mood while offering great music, lots of cheering, and a free Carlsberg Nordic.



Mikkeller at 17.9 km

Location: Dybbølsbro
The beer enthusiasts from Mikkeller invite you to a party at Dybbølsbro – surrounded by some of the newest and most exciting architecture in Copenhagen. There will be plenty of festivities and, of course, tastings of Mikkeller’s delicious beers.


High5 and MU.VE at 18.2 km

Location: Dybbølsgade/Ingerslevsgade
Experience the fantastic atmosphere as High5, the official energy sponsor of the race, provides a massive energy boost for both runners and spectators with the help of Musikforening Vesterbro (MU.VE). Come by for a fantastic party and listen to exciting upcoming artists that you’ll probably have to pay to see in a year or two.


Sportmaster Cheering Zone at 19.6 km

Location: Enghave Plads
Visit the Sport Master cheering zone and experience an energetic atmosphere as the runners pass by Enghave Plads. Look for the Sportmaster’s large arch, listen for the sounds of the live band The Pølse Horns, and be a part of Vesterbro’s biggest street party.


Red Bull Power Zone at 20.5 km

Location: Frederiksberg Allé
Red Bull gives you wings, and in this Power Zone on Frederiksberg Allé, runners can get an effective energy boost to fly up the last stretch of Frederiksberg Allé and cross the finish line.