Race timing

Race timing service is provided by Ultimate Sport Service by means of a timing chip incorporated in the bib number.

The timing chip is located on the backside of the bib number. It may not be removed nor bent. It is not possible to use your own timing chip.

Correct mounting of race bib

It is important that your race bib is mounted correctly on front of your vest. It should not be mounted lower, on the back or any other places. It is not to be bend or modified. If mounted incorrectly or modified, it may obstruct the timing registration.

Gross / net time

The elite race and Danish national championships are settled by gross times. All other contestants compete by net time.

Split times

Split times are registered at every 5 km. You will be able to see the gross race time displayed at the split marks along the course.

Time limit

The race course time limit is 3 hours net (i.e. from the time the participant crosses the starting line).

Participants who are unable to finish within 3 hours net, are made aware that course officials may begin re-opening roads to traffic, shutting down hydration stations and timing equipment, and clearing the finish area, etc. If you are unable to finish the race, do not cross the finish line.

If you need assistance to get to the finish area, report to a race official or to the medical staff at all hydration stations. No matter your pace and finishing time, we will do our very best to get all participants safely back to the finish area.