Sunday, September 17th, 2023

The CPH Half course is closed to vehicular traffic from 8.00 – 16.00.

Notice! The race starts and finishes at Frederiksberg, where several streets will close gradually as of Saturday, 14:00 and reopen no later than Sunday 20:00.

For traffic queries, please call tel. +45 22 23 83 33 or e-mail to [email protected]


Road closures will affect traffic and parking at Frederiksberg, Inner City, Vesterbro, Østerbro and Nørrebro. Surrounding streets may also be affected, converted into one-direction traffic, and traffic may be diverted as roads are being closed.

Parking bans will be in effect in several streets all over the course. Within the start and finish area, bans will step into effect as of Saturday 8:00, while bans along others parts of the course will be in effect as of Sunday 8:00. Road stretches with parking bans will appear from the course map before race day. However, please be aware of signposting in the streets, as this will apply in case of any discrepancies. Illegally parked vehicles will be removed at owner’s expense.

Road blocks will be lifted continuously as runners pass along and no later than 16:00. The start and finish area at Frederiksberg will, however, not reopen until 20:00.

See traffic alterations on the interactive course map

Click the car icon in the upper right corner and click to ‘Show traffic gates’ to view traffic gates / crossing points and open lanes on the map.


Closure of the start and finish area at Frederiksberg

Road closures in the start and finish area at Frederiksberg will proceed gradually from Saturday, 16 September – Sunday 17 September:

  1. Gammel Kongevej between Edisonsvej and Allegade, Frederiksberg Allé between Allegade and Frydendalsvej, and Allegade are closed from Saturday 14:00 to Sunday 20:00.
  2. Falkoner Allé between Nyelandsvej and Smallegade, Smallegade between Falkoner Allé and Virginiavej, Hospitalsvej and Howitzvej are closed from Sunday, 8:00 to 20:00.

Please notice! Gammel Kongevej from Edisonsvej towards the Lakes is only closed from Sunday 8:00 – 15:00. Also, Frederiksberg Allé from Frydendalsvej to Kingosgade is only Sunday 8:00 to Sunday 16:00.

Parking ban in the area will be in effect from Saturday 8:00:

  • Gammel Kongevej between Edisonsvej and Allegade, Ratsacksvej, and Frederiksberg Allé between Allegade and Frydendalsvej: Saturday 8:00 to Sunday 20:00.
  • Falkoner Allé between Nyelandsvej and Smallegade, Smallegade ml. Falkoner Allé and Virginiavej, Howitzvej and Hospitalsvej: Saturday 22:00 to Sunday 20:00.


How to cross the course

The course can be crossed by foot and bike almost anywhere, provided there are no runners on the location. We ask all pedistrians and bicyclists to follow course marshalls’ instructions at all times.

It is possible at to cross the course by car via dedicated traffic crossing points. These are however closed in certain time periods while runners are passing by. Please note that times are indicative and may change due to delays or congestion.


Bus service changes

Road blocks will affect bus traffic throughout race day. Be sure to plan your journey ahead in and double check a few days before for further changes.