Entertainment and power zones


Expect to be entertained and cheered on through 21,1 km



Power zones create the party

As a part of the entertainment on the course, there are 10 power zones. Every power zone is different, but what they have in common is that it is all about making runners and spectators have an amazing experience.
There are entertainment for everyone. Whether you are into bouncy castles, popcorn, and a big screen showing the race live, or you are more into partying with beer, a fire engine vehicle, the mascot Pikachu, and cheerleaders, one thing is for sure; it is all here.
Power zones are a highlight of this race vs. others in the world…”
Donald Gong, 19. september 2018

Telenor Power Zone til Copenhagen Half Marathon

Oplev stemningen på Dronning Louises Bro til Copenhagen Half Marathon

After having held Copenhagen Half Marathon four times, NBRO’s Power Zone has almost become iconic. They make a great effort to make a lot of noise, a lot of drumming, a lot whistling, and of course a lot of cheering on the tough runners, when they are passing Dronning Louise’s Bridge.


From smoke to samba

Besides the 10 power zones on the course, there are also a number of entertainment spots. The entertainment spots feature nice samba rhythms from Toscana Samba, loud drums, when Slagkraft plays, beautiful singing from 200 people known as the choir UNITED, a lot of DJs, and much more music.
Besides music in different genres, the entertainment spot Zalando light and sound creates a light and smoke show under the building called BLOX. Also, Boblberg provides bubbles – both soap bubbles and champagne.
In the start and finish area you can explore the Friends & Family Zone, which provides a big screen, entertainment for the children, and culinary adventures if you are feeling hungry.

At Copenhagen Half Marathon the entertainment consists of everything from the grandios and noisy, to the small wonderful details.

Here Boblberg has blown soap bubbles for the runners.