The CPH Half app is free and available for Android and iOS

The CPH Half App comes in a Danish and an English language version depending on the language settings on your mobile device.

The app requires iOS 11.0 or later.

The CPH Half App features

  • Live tracking and live results
  • Live video streaming
  • NEW: Find your start group – easy!
  • Real-time participant photos & video
  • Interactive course & start/finish maps
  • Send and receive personal video greetings
  • Personalized profile
  • Personalized frontpage
  • Personalized finisher video
  • Race week programme
  • Participant and spectator info
  • News and social feed
    … and much more

Live tracking and results

The live tracking feature allows friends and family to track runners on the course. It is possible to add up to 20 runners to the list of favorites.

  • Search a runner under ‘Results & Tracking’
  • Add the runner to your favorites by tapping the star
  • Results are available once the runner is pass the first timing point
  • To see your favorites and the leading male and female runners on the online map, choose ‘Live Tracker’ under ‘My Favorites’
  • All metrics, including registered split times, distance completed, expected finish time and pace are available in the runner’s results profile
  • To see estimated splits for a particular runner, go to the participant’s results profile, choose ‘Live Track’ and tap each kilometer mark
  • To see a general time plan, go to the online course map and tap the kilometer marks
Tracking FAQ
How are participants tracked, do you use GPS?

No, we do not use GPS tracking. The participant’s position is calculated based on their split times and average pace. From this we can calculate the estimated distance completed, and where we expect them to be at any given time.

How accurate are the estimates?

Without using GPS tracking (or similar) it is not possible to know the exact position of the participants. If someone runs at a consistent pace throughout the race, then the estimates are highly accurate. If their pace vary (e.g. if they are walking) then the estimates will be less accurate.

My participant has started, but does not move on the map?

The participants need to pass the first timing point before we can calculate their average speed. When this is calculated the map marker will start moving.

My participant has stopped at a split timing point?

This is because we have not yet registered the split time of the participant. Usually it is because the participant runs a little slower than we had intended. When the participant is registered at the split time, the cursor will again start moving.

However, it may also be due to the participant left the race.

How do I know if at participant has pulled out of the race?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to register when a participant has pulled out. Hence, the marker will keep moving until the next timing point, and then stay there until the race is finished.


Push notifications

When adding a new favourite, tap the bell that appears beside the star to receieve push notifications with your favourite’s splits and finish time.


Replay the race

The race replay feature (available later on race day) allows you to let your favorite runners race against each other.

Go to ‘Results & Tracking’, ‘My Favourites’ and tap ‘View on map’. Now your selected favorites are ready to challenge each other or the elite in live mode.

You can edit your favourites anytime after the race.


Online and offline usage

The live features require internet access. However, if you open the info pages and navigate in the online map while online, your phone will store the data so that these features can also be used offline.


Battery consumption

Intensive use of the app’s live features will increase your battery consumption. To ensure that your battery lasts all day, there are a few things you can do:

  • Keep a lower brightness on your screen
  • Do not use location services (tracking of your own position) more than necessary
  • Make sure the mobile is fully charged before you go on the route to follow the race
  • Add your favourites from home



If you experience any technical problems, feel free to mail us on [email protected]
The app is developed byBitLizard Software