Morten Risager, head of PR
Mail: mrisager@sparta.dk
Tlf.: +45 22 23 80 20

Dorte Vibjerg, CEO of Sparta Athletics & Running
Mail: vibjerg@sparta.dk
Tlf.: +45 22 62 20 26


Press and media can apply for accreditation for the Copenhagen Half Marathon 2024.

You can apply here.

Photo and video

Photos and video may be used freely for non-commercial purposes and only in connection with publicity or promotion of the official Copenhagen Half Marathon event.

If you wish to use media material for other purposes, including commercial purposes, you must have explicit permission from Sparta Atletik & Løb. Inquiries should be directed to presse@sparta.dk.

Copenhagen Half Marathon 2023 in figures

Get on board with numbers, facts, pictures and records from Copenhagen Half Marathon 2023