On the starting line, you can feel the electric atmosphere. The whole city is cheering you and the thousands of other participants, and the fantastic entertainment carries you all along. The 21.0975km culminates on Øster Allé in an inferno of wild cheering as you cross the finish line.
Race day
15. September 2024
The race is sold out
The biggest and wildest running party of the year kicks off on September 15th at the Copenhagen Marathon Half. This is not just a race. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

You’re prepared.
We’re prepared.
Now, run your legs off.

It’s hard not to get goosebumps as you wait for the Copenhagen Half Marathon to kick off. When the race starts, you’ll be launched directly into the biggest running party of the year in the streets of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

And it’s not just the runners who are looking forward to the start of the Copenhagen Half Marathon. The spectators are too, and you’re unlikely to find a more enthusiastic crowd anywhere in the world than the ones you’ll meet at the Copenhagen Half Marathon. At the same time, the route is packed with power zones, music and entertainment that are only there to make your run easier.

Along the way, you’ll cross all of Copenhagen’s charming, hip and colorful bridge districts and pass through the historic inner city. 
In short, you can look forward to a race with plenty of atmosphere and entertainment, making the 21.0975 km a truly unique experience.

We look forward to seeing you. The Copenhagen Half Marathon is not our race. It’s yours. But we guarantee that we will do everything we can to give you the experience of a lifetime and get you all the way to your goal.Sell, buy or transfer race numbers with our Resale platform

Sell, buy or transfer race numbers with our Resale platform

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