National Championship in half-marathon

National Championships in half-marathon
DM Half Marathon 2024 will be held in connection with CPH Half on Sunday, September 15, 2024.



The competition will be held in the following classes

  • Senior (born 2004 or earlier)
  • U23 (born 2002-2004)
  • Masters (born 1994 or earlier)

There are both individual and team competitions in all of the above classes.
A team consists of three runners from the same club/association and is defined by the results list.


Who can participate in Danish Championships?

Everyone can participate in the Danish Chamionships but there are a number of requirements you need to fulfill in order to compete in the Danish Half Marathon Championships, to be seedet or to be seedet in Elite C.

  • You must be a member of a club that is a member of Dansk Atletik (you choose your club in the drop-down menu when you sign up)
  • You must be at least 20 years old during 2024 (i.e. born in 2004 or earlier)
  • You must be a Danish citizen to win individual medals at DM senior or youth senior.
  • Foreign citizens can participate and win a medal in the team competition if they have had permanent residence in Denmark for the last six months prior to the championships. However, there may only be one foreign participant on each team. A foreign citizen can also win their age group in DM Masters.


Time requirements to be seeded for halfmarathon (21,0975km)

Women: sub 1h:28
Men: sub 1h:14


Time requirement for 10 km road/10,000m track to be seeded

Women: sub 40:00 min
Men: sub 33:10 min

The time must be achieved in the period 1/1-2022 – 1/9-2024 in a valid competition. For the competition to be valid, it must be registered with Danish Athletics (applies to Danish races) or for foreign events to a similar organization and be correctly measured (DAF or AIMS measured). The time requirement also only applies to seeded runners.


How to sign up

DM will once again be held in connection with Copenhagen Half (all age groups). The race is sold out, but club members of DAF (Danish Athletics) have the opportunity to register for DM until Sunday, August 29.

No later than Sunday, August 18, the clubs send their number of DM participants to DAF. The club will then receive the corresponding number of vouchers, which the club will forward to the individual participants. Registration using the voucher on the race website must be done no later than Sunday, August 29. When registering, participants must remember to check off DM registration on the participant profile.

After August 29, it will not be possible to register for DM. Clubs wishing to register 20 or more athletes must contact Sparta no later than August 18th to set up a collective club registration (with collective payment).

DM numbers are personal and may not be resold. All DM participants must be a member of a DAF club and participation in DM Marathon and Half Marathon is included in the annual license fee via the club (DKK 175 per license).


Registration deadline

Sunday 18/8: Last day for overall club registration.
Sunday 29/8: Last day for registration in Copenhagen Half’s registration system.

The clubs will receive an overview of over-registered runners for review on Monday morning 2/9. Vouchers for registration will be sent out on an ongoing basis when approval is received from the clubs.

Late registration is not possible.


Conduct and competition conditions

Everyone seeded for DM Senior and U23 elite will be placed in a separate DM field immediately behind the international elite. Individual placings in these classes are always decided on gross times (first across the finish line; time starts at the starting gun), while team competitions are always decided on net times (time starts when the runner crosses the start line and ends when crossing the finish line).

Masters competitors start in their respective starting groups according to the indicated expected finishing time. Both the individual competition and the team competition for the Masters classes are decided on net time.

Participants in DM must comply with World Athletics’ rules for maximum shoe height.


Further information

If needed, more practical information will be sent out by e-mail to all DM participants closer to the race. The elite field will receive information about warm-up options, changing, private hydration, etc.

All DM participants, including seeded runners, must pick up their race packet at the Copenhagen Half Marathon Expo in Sparta before the race.

What shoe can you use?

World Athletics has set up a number of rules for which shoe you can run as an elite. On this page you can enter the name of your chosen shoe and see if it fulfils the rules.

Questions regarding DM

All clubs under Danish Athletic receive information about registration for DM.