Qualifing requirements for the elite A and B runners

Athletes who meet the following qualifying standards are eligible to apply for an elite entry at the Copenhagen Half Marathon.The elite field is divided into an international A field and a B field.

Elite A

Runners in the Elite A field typically receive an invitation directly from the organizer.

If you wish to be placed in the Elite A-category and has not received an invitation, you are welcome to contact [email protected]. Placement will then depend on an individual assessment.

Placement will then depend on an individual assessment. In previous races, Elite A has consisted of runners with half-marathon times faster than 62 minutes for men and 74 minutes for women.

Elite B

Runners who meet the time requirements below have the opportunity to be placed in Elite Field B for the Copenhagen Half Marathon:

HM: 68 minutes : 00 seconds
10K: 30 minutes : 40 seconds
5K: 14 minutes : 45 seconds

HM: 77 minutes : 00 seconds
10K: 34 minutes : 40 seconds
5K: 16 minutes : 40 seconds


Qualification times must be set between 1/1-2023 and 8/9-2024 at an official competition certified by a national athletics federation and/or AIMS.

Furthermore, the course must be correctly measured and approved by the national athletics federation and/or AIMS. Documentation for qualifying times will be required.

You can apply for a place in the Elite B field here.

If the race is sold out, we cannot guarantee a spot in the elite field.


Prize money & bonuses

Prizes Women Men Euro
1 10000 10000
2 6000 6000
3 4000 4000
4 3000 3000
5 2000 2000
6 1500 1500
7 1200 1200
8 1000 1000

World Record

European record 3000
Race Record  5000


DK Women Men
1 500 500
2 250 250
3 150 150
DK Record 70:50 (W) / 61:55 (M) 1000 1000



Current half marathon records

World record M/W (M: 57:31 – W: 1:02:52)

European record M/W (M: 59:13 – W: 65:15)

Race record M/W (M: 58:01 – W: 65:08)

Danish record M/W (M: 61:55 – W:70:50)

Doping disclaimer

Any athlete who is subsequently determined to have committed a doping offence at the time of the event or is suspended from competition due to an offence committed prior to the event resulting in his/her performance at the event being invalidated shall be liable to refund any and all sums from the race organizers relating to his/her performance at the event.