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This year, we can present a very exciting elite field. Click here to see the full list.

Qualifing requirements

Athletes who meet the following qualifying standards are eligible to apply for an elite entry at the Copenhagen Half Marathon:

Men: 69 minutes : 00 seconds
Women: 78 minutes : 00 seconds


Qualification times must be set between 1/1-2021 and 10/9-2023 at an official competition certified by a national athletics federation and/or AIMS.

Furthermore, the course must be correctly measured and approved by the national athletics federation and/or AIMS. Documentation for qualifying times will be required.

Subject to changes

Elite application

The elite field is divided into an international A field and a B field.

If you wish to apply for the A elite field, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]

Note: As the race is sold out, we can no guarantee a spot in the elite field.

To place into the B field, please apply online via this form


Prize money & bonuses

Prizes Women Men Euro
1 10000 10000
2 6000 6000
3 4000 4000
4 3000 3000
5 2000 2000
6 1500 1500
7 1200 1200
8 1000 1000

World Record

European record 3000
Race Record  5000


DK Women Men
1 500 500
2 250 250
3 150 150
DK Record 70:50 (W) / 61:55 (M) 1000 1000



Current half marathon records

World record M/W (M: 57:31 – W: 1:02:52)

European record M/W (M: 59:13 – W: 65:15)

Race record M/W (M: 58:01 – W: 65:08)

Danish record M/W (M: 61:55 – W:70:50)

Doping disclaimer

Any athlete who is subsequently determined to have committed a doping offence at the time of the event or is suspended from competition due to an offence committed prior to the event resulting in his/her performance at the event being invalidated shall be liable to refund any and all sums from the race organisers relating to his/her performance at the event.