Qualifing requirements

Athletes who meet the qualifying requirements are eligible to apply for an elite entry at the Copenhagen Half Marathon.

Qualification standards are to be announced. Please be aware that all below amounts and qualifying requirements are subject to change.

  • Only a race, which is officially certified by the national athletics federation and/or AIMS, will be accepted for qualifying
  • Documentation for qualifying times will be required
  • Elite athletes will be classified into different groups according to their level.


Contact and elite application

Applications and queries regarding elite entries are sent to [email protected]


Price money and bonusses

Price money

The complete Copenhagen Half Marathon price money breakdown:

1st M/W 10,000 USD

2nd M/W 6,000 USD

3rd M/W 4,000 USD

4th M/W 3,000 USD

5th M/W 2,000 USD

6th M/W 1,500 USD

7th M/W 1,200 USD

8th M/W 1,000 USD

(Tax 15 %)


Additional bonusses

World record M/W 10,000 USD (Men: 58.23 – Women: 1:04.52)

Race record M/W 5,000 USD (M: 58.40 – W: 1.06.11)

Sub 60 min/mens 2,000 USD

Sub 68 min/women 2,000 USD

(Tax 15 %)


Doping disclaimer

Any athlete who is subsequently determined to have committed a doping offence at the time of the event or is suspended from competition due to an offence committed prior to the event resulting in his/her performance at the event being invalidated shall be liable to refund any and all sums from the race organisers relating to his/her performance at the event.