We will reveal this year’s elitefield later in 2024

We can’t wait to present a fantastic elite field with some of the best runners!

Placement in the elite field

The elite field is divided into an A field (the international elite field) and a B field.

Elite A

Runners in the Elite A field typically receive an invitation directly from the organizer. Should you wish to be placed in the Elite A field – and you have not received an invitation – you are welcome to contact our elite manager at elite@sparta.dk

Elite B
Runners who meet the time requirements below have the opportunity to be placed in Elite field B for the Copenhagen Half Marathon:

HM: 68 min : 00 sec
10K: 30 min : 40 sec
5K: 14 min : 45 sec

HM: 77 min : 00 sec
10K: 34 min : 40 sec
5K: 16 min : 40 sec

Times must be achieved in the period between 1/1-2023 and 1/9-2024 in a valid competition.

For a competition to be valid, it must be registered with the Danish Athletics for Danish races or with a similar organization for foreign races. The route must also be correctly measured (DAF or AIMS measured) and thus certified by the national athletics federation and/or AIMS.

Documentation will be required for the qualification time to be used as a basis for the elite ranking.

To be placed in the Elite B field, please apply via the form here.

Allowed shoes

World Athletics has set up a number of rules for which shoe you can compete in as an elite. On this page you can enter the name of your chosen shoe and see if it fulfils the rules.

Money prize


Prize money

1st place (M/W)

10,000 €

2nd place (M/W)

6,000 €

3rd place (M/W)

4,000 €

4th place (M/W)

3,000 €

5th place (M/W)

2,000 €

6th place (M/F)

1,500 €

7th place (M/W)

1,200 €

8th place (M/W)

1,000 €

Additional prize money for a new world record

5,000 €

Additional prize money at new European record

3,000 €

Additional prize money for a new race record

5,000 €

Money prize at the Danish Nationalchampionships


Money prize

1st place (M/W)

500 €

2nd place (M/W)

250 €

3rd place (M/W)

150 €

Danish record

1,000 €

Current records

World record M/W (M: 57:31 – W 1:02:52)
European record M/W (M: 59:13 – W: 65:15)
Race record M/W (M: 58:01 – W: 65:08)
Danish record M/W (M: 61:55 – W: 1:11:07)


Doping disclaimer

Any athlete who is subsequently found guilty of a doping violation at this event, or who, due to a doping violation prior to the event, has been suspended from competition and his/her performance at this event is declared invalid, will be required to refund any amount paid by the race organizer in connection with this event.