We will reveal this year’s elitefield later in 2024

We can’t wait to present a fantastic elite field with some of the best runners!

Placement in the elite field

The elite field is divided into an A field (the international elite field) and a B field.

Elite A

Runners in the Elite A field typically receive an invitation directly from the organizer. Should you wish to be placed in the Elite A field – and you have not received an invitation – you are welcome to contact our elite manager at elite@sparta.dk

The placement will then be based on an individual assessment. In previous races, Elite A has consisted of runners with half marathon times under 62.00 minutes for men and 74 minutes for women.

Elite B
Runners who meet the time requirements below have the opportunity to be placed in Elite field B for the Copenhagen Half Marathon:

HM: 68 min : 00 sec
10K: 30 min : 40 sec
5K: 14 min : 45 sec

HM: 77 min : 00 sec
10K: 34 min : 40 sec
5K: 16 min : 40 sec

Times must be achieved in the period between 1/1-2023 and 8/9-2024 in a valid competition.

For a competition to be valid, it must be registered with the Danish Athletics for Danish races or with a similar organization for foreign races. The route must also be correctly measured (DAF or AIMS measured) and thus certified by the national athletics federation and/or AIMS.

Documentation will be required for the qualification time to be used as a basis for the elite ranking.

To be placed in the Elite B field, please apply via the form here.

Prize Money


Prize money

1st place (M/W)

10,000 €

2nd place (M/W)

6,000 €

3rd place (M/W)

4,000 €

4th place (M/W)

3,000 €

5th place (M/W)

2,000 €

6th place (M/F)

1,500 €

7th place (M/W)

1,200 €

8th place (M/W)

1,000 €

Additional prize money for a new world record

5,000 €

Additional prize money at new European record

3,000 €

Additional prize money for a new race record

5,000 €

Money prize at the Danish Nationalchampionships


Money prize

1st place (M/W)

500 €

2nd place (M/W)

250 €

3rd place (M/W)

150 €

Danish record

1,000 €

Current records

World record M/W (M: 57:31 – W 1:02:52)
European record M/W (M: 59:13 – W: 65:15)
Race record M/W (M: 58:01 – W: 65:08)
Danish record M/W (M: 61:55 – W: 1:11:07)


Doping disclaimer

Any athlete who is subsequently found guilty of a doping violation at this event, or who, due to a doping violation prior to the event, has been suspended from competition and his/her performance at this event is declared invalid, will be required to refund any amount paid by the race organizer in connection with this event.