Traffic during race day

On September 15, 2024 – when the Copenhagen Half Marathon takes place – the entire course will be closed to traffic between 7:00 – 16:30. However, the route section in Frederiksberg is only closed from 9:00-13:30.

Inner city, Nørrebro, Østerbro, Vesterbro and Frederiksberg are therefore affected by several traffic changes and parking bans on race day. You can use the route map to find out about parking and traffic conditions on your route.

Even if the half marathon course is empty at any given time, it is not allowed to drive on the route until all barriers have been removed. The streets on the route will reopen as the runners pass by. We ask road users to respect the closures, which will remain in place until it is safe to let cars back onto the route. All streets will be open by 15.00 at the latest.


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Things to be aware off
Public transportation

We recommend participants, spectators and residents to use public transportation. The metro, S-train and regional trains will run as normal on race day. Please note that several bus routes will be rerouted on race day.

S-trains, Metro and regional trains all stop within walking distance from the start area.

Bicycle and pedestrian

Pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed on the route, but it is possible to cross the route when there are no runners. However, several sections are fully fenced, so you will need to walk along the route before you can cross it. Always follow instructions from race officials when crossing the course.


We recommend using public transportation around the city or avoiding areas close to the route on race day. It will be possible to cross the city, but allow extra time for traffic jams and detours. If possible, choose a route that avoids the half marathon route.

Use the route map to inform yourself about traffic conditions on your route if you are driving on race day.

Parking ban

In several streets on the race route, there will be a parking ban from early in the morning on race day until the evening. Please inform yourself in advance via the signs in the streets, as parked cars may be removed at the owner’s expense.

Crossing the course

Please note that some of the crossings may be closed for limited periods while runners pass through. Visit the route map to see specific information about each crossing point.