Garden Run in Tivoli
By Thor Schnetler
Tuesday, 4. June

Enjoy an unforgettable run in Tivoli’s enjoyable gardens

Enter the magnificent world of Tivoli, where a run and a good cause come together at Garden Run in Tivoli.

When you sign up for Garden Run in Tivoli, you get the chance to run in one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. But it’s not just a run around Tivoli. While you run, you’ll be supporting SMILfonden’s important work with serious and chronic diseases.

Garden Run in Tivoli is a collaboration between Sparta Athletics & Running, SMILfonden and Tivoli, where the aim is to run as many laps as possible in Tivoli.

The route winds around Tivoli on an 800 meter stretch, and you will pass the iconic Golden Tower and Rasmus Klump’s whimsical pancake house.

Garden Run in Tivolli

For every lap you complete, Sparta Athletics & Running donates 10 DKK to SMILfonden’s invaluable work. That’s why we hope you’ll put your best foot forward and run as many laps in Tivoli as you can. That way, you’ll get a unique trip to Tivoli Gardens and help us support the SMIL Foundation at the same time.

See you in Tivoli on September 14.