8 great tips when going to a refreshment zone
By Thor Schnetler
Thursday, 22. February

The aid stations at the Copenhagen Half Marathon are important. This is where you refuel for the next part of the race, which is why we have created a short guide to help you get in and out of the refreshment zone in the best possible way.

Use the whole depot
It can be tempting to run to the first cup on the first table. This can quickly create a traffic jam, so use the entire depot and choose a cup further down the aisle where there is more space.

Use both sides
At the Copenhagen Half Marathon, there will be aid stations on both sides of the road. There are the same refreshments on both sides, so choose the side with the most space.

Avoid stopping
It’s fine to slow down in the depot, but avoid standing still. Run in, grab what you need and run out again. This way there is more room for the next runners and you avoid someone running into you from behind.

Drink efficiently
Squeeze the cup slightly at the top to make it elipse-shaped. This makes it much easier to drink from while running.

Pay attention
A depot can often resemble a beehive with bees flying in and out. Don’t be intimidated by this, but it’s important to pay extra attention to other runners, so turn off your music and look carefully when you get to the depot.

Plan your visit
Think about whether you want water, energy drinks or both before you arrive at the depot. Water is always placed both before and after the energy drink and energy gels. Energy gels are only available at the 11.5 km depot.

If you bring your own gels along the way, it may be a good idea to take them just before a pit stop. Then you can rinse them off with a cup of water. Remember to throw your packaging in the drop zones, which are set up before and after the refreshment zones.

Thank you!
If you have the energy, thank the volunteers on the other side of the table and give them a smile. That’s how they refuel their energy.