Never before have 27,000 start numbers flown off the ramp for CPH Half
By Christian thestrup
Wednesday, 28. February

It took just 39 days. 27,000 start numbers for the Copenhagen Half Marathon 2024 have been snapped up since the opening on December 1st. That’s record-breaking and beyond expectations.

Registrations for this year’s Copenhagen Half Marathon have been pouring in since sales opened on December 1st. Almost 700 registrations have been added daily, which means that the organizer, Sparta Atletik & Løb, can announce that the race is sold out already 8 months before the start of the iconic half marathon. In both 2022 and 2023, Sparta Athletics & Running has turned on the red light ahead of race day – nine days before with 25,000 registrants and three months before with 27,000 registrants. The fact that this year it would only take 39 days surprises CEO of Sparta Athletics & Running, Dorte Vibjerg:

“Sales for the Copenhagen Half Marathon have exceeded all expectations. After recent years’ sell-outs, we expected that this year we would again have 27,000 runners on the starting line at the new starting area on Jagtvej, but we were surprised that it went so quickly,” says Dorte Vibjerg, who points to two possible explanations.

“We see a general trend that more and more people want to participate in race events. And we also believe that it has had a good effect that we have taken the participants’ feedback to heart, and that based on the evaluation of 2023, we have moved the start and finish back to Østerbro with a focus on an even stronger execution and smoother logistics.”

In addition to CPH Half, Sparta Athletics & Running is also the organizer of Copenhagen Marathon on May 5, 2024. This race is also rapidly approaching sell-out. There are less than 2,000 start numbers left before the capacity of 15,000 participants is reached.

Facts about Copenhagen Half Marathon:

  • Copenhagen Half Marathon 2024 kicks off on September 15 at 9:30 am.
  • Start and finish will be in Østerbro with a finish area at Fælledparken
  • The capacity is 27,000 participants
  • CPH Half 2023 was sold out about three months before race day. 27,000 participants signed up.
  • CPH Half is the race where you can break boundaries on a route designed for that very purpose


Sparta is coming up with a new and secure platform for resale if you are unlucky enough to miss out on a ticket. The platform is expected to be live around February 1st, so if you want to buy/sell/transfer start numbers for CPH Half 2024, we recommend waiting until the platform is live.