High5 energy guide for the half marathon
Running a half marathon requires a lot of energy for the body. That’s why it’s important to have an energy plan.

Having the right energy plan will ensure you stay hydrated and energized so you don’t hit the proverbial “wall”.

With the right training and energy plan, you can have your best half marathon experience ever when you run the CPH Half. Our official energy supplier is High5.

They know what it takes for you to complete 21,0975 kilometers in our capital, and you’ll find their energy products in all refreshment zones along the course.


The week leading up to race day

The days leading up to race day are almost as important as the day itself. It’s all about drinking enough fluids and eating the right things. Focus on getting good carbohydrates from rice, pasta and other good food.

You can eat extra fruit or energy bars from High5 to get some extra carbs. When you consume extra carbohydrates before a big goal, it’s called “carbo-loading.” The aim is to fill up your energy stores and prepare you for race day.

  • Eat easily digestible food
  • Eat extra carbohydrates in form of rice, pasta etc.
  • Drink extra – but not too much
Race day

It’s important that you don’t do anything new on race day. Therefore, it’s a good idea to eat the same thing beforehand that you plan to eat on race day. It should be a breakfast that is rich in carbohydrates. This will help fuel your body for the 21,0975 kilometres it needs to run. Eat the big meal 3-4 hours before the start and drink half a liter of water with breakfast.

  • A bun with cheese, jam or similar
  • Oatmeal with fruit
  • 500ml water or High5 Energy Drink
After the race

It After your peak performance, your body needs to recover. Make sure you hydrate your body shortly after corssing the finish line. And then, of course, treat yourself. Eat a delicious main mail a few hours afterwards and make sure you get in some extra protein. And it’s completely okay to avoid the stairs the day after.

  • Eat a protein-ruch main meal
  • Drink fluids
  • Be proud of your performance