Practical info

While the practicalities aren’t always the most exciting, it’s good to have all the details sorted out before you get started.

Opening hours

The start area and Runner’s Area opens at 7:00 am – ready to welcome you and the first runners.

It closes again at 15:00 when the last runners have crossed the finish line.

See a detailed program for all days here


Your race pack

The most important thing is that you pick up your Race Pack before race day. We recommend that you pick it up during the Expo’s opening hours, so you can go through everything before the race on Sunday.

Start group

In order for all runners to have a good and smooth start to the race, you will be divided into different start groups.

The start groups are based on the time that you expect to run in and that you have specified when registering. It is important to be realistic about your expected finish time. It can end up being a bad experience for you and other runners if your pace doesn’t match the start group.

If you need to change your expected finish time, you can do so in your registration profile.


Pace teams

On the day, our pace teams help you make your dream time a reality. They are experienced runners who will keep a steady pace from start to finish, guide you safely through the course and last but not least – cross the finish line in your desired time.

In the table you can see which pace teams will be in your starting group.

Find your pace team on the day by looking for the balloons in the same color as your start group. They will be in the start street in the respective start groups with their finish time written on the balloons.

Start groups

Start groups colour

Paceteam (Finish time)

<1hr 16min



1hr 16min – 1hr 20min



1hr 20min – 1hr 30min



1hr 30min – 1hr 40min


1hr 30min



1hr 35min

1hr 40min – 1hr 50min

Light blue

1hr 40min


Light blue

1hr 45min

1hr 50min – 2hr


1hr 50min



1hr 55min

2hr – 2hr 15min

Dark blue



Dark blue

2hr 5min


Dark blue

2hr 10min

> 2hr 15min


2hr 15min



2hr 20min



2hr 25min



2hr 30min

Pre-race amenities
Bag Drop

Drop off your race bag in the bag drop in the Runners’ Area. Remember to stick your bag tag on so your bag is easy for our volunteers to find.

Water stations

There will be several water stations in the Runner’s Area where you can get water before the race starts.


There are restrooms located throughout the start area. Visit them in good time, as there may be a queue before the start.


We recommend using public transportation as it is not possible to get to the start and finish area by car.

The nearest Metro stations are: Vibenhus Runddel St., Trianglen St. or Poul Henningsens Plads St., which is on the M3 line.

It is possible to get around by bus on the day, but many bus lines will be rerouted due to CPH Half. On Movia’s website, you can read more about which bus routes will be available on the day. Alternatively, we recommend traveling with the Metro, as it will easily take you across the route.


Buy an Event Ticket

As a participant and spectator, you can purchase a special Event Ticket for public transportation on race day. With the ticket, you can use public transportation unlimited for 12 hours throughout Greater Copenhagen. The event ticket must be purchased in the DOT Billeter app. The app is free and can be downloaded below:

You can download the DOT Billetter app for your smartphone here.

Do you already have the app? Then you can buy your Event Ticket here.

Please note that the Event ticket can only be purchased in the DOT Tickets app.

Time keeping
Remember your BIB

The bib number must be placed visibly on your stomach or chest. This means that you cannot place it on your lower body or back, for example. If your bib number is not placed correctly, it can prevent the timing. Avoid bending or creasing the bib number, as this can damage the chip in the bib number.

Find the right start group

Your start group is marked with a color on your bib number. It corresponds to the expected finish time you entered when you registered. Find your start group well in advance so you are ready when the race starts

Know your time keeping and tracking

In the official CPH Half app, your family and friends can see your split times for every 5 kilometers and your final finish time. The app is free to download and easy to use.

Your time is what we call “Net Time”. This means that the time only starts when you cross the start line, so you get an accurate time.